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#Trippy.Tube Anthony Davis tells LeBron James to fix his hair...

November 04, 2019DMT.NEWS

#Trippy.Tube Anthony Davis tells LeBron James to fix his hair #LEBRON’S FAKE #HAIRLINE FELL OFF 😂😂😂 LEBRON’S FAKE HAIRLINE FELL OFF AND AD GOT THE ASSIST 😂😂😂 The greatest comeback in NBA history wasn’t the Cleveland Cavaliers bouncing back from down 3-1 to the beat the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals. It’s actually the reversal made by LeBron James’ hair. James has been fighting the good fight on the hair front for several years. He seems to have done something that has kept his hair looking pretty full even though it looked like he was losing a lot of it and it was thinning five years ago. On Friday night though, James had a hair mishap. Some of James’ hair seemed to be messed up, but luckily his Los Angeles Lakers teammate, Anthony Davis, was there to tell him to fix it. By TrippyTube via

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