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#Trippy.Tube DJ Attempted to Play Pusha-T at Drake’s...

November 04, 2019DMT.NEWS

#Trippy.Tube DJ Attempted to Play Pusha-T at Drake’s Birthday Party and It Didn’t Go Down Well #drake #hiphop DJ TRIED TO PLAY PUSHA T AT DRAKE B-DAY PARTY 😂😂😂 Drake celebrated his 33rd birthday on Thursday (Oct. 24) and held a party in honor of his special day. Things were presumably going well until they got a little awkward when a DJ started to play a song featuring Pusha-T. In a video that surfaced on FlyestAround’s Twitter account on Friday, the DJ started to play Kanye West’s remix of Chief Keef’s “I Don’t Like,” which features a verse from King Push, at Drizzy’s party. When Pusha-T’s voice rings out from the speakers, someone runs up to the DJ and tells him to not play it. By TrippyTube via

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