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#Trippy.Tube Pastor David Wilson Accused Of Being The Alleged...

November 04, 2019DMT.NEWS

#Trippy.Tube Pastor David Wilson Accused Of Being The Alleged ‘P*ssy Eating Pastor’ Goes Viral!! EATS GROCERIES. PASTOR DEFENDS PASTOR DAVID WILSON’S RIGHT TO EAT THE GROCERIES !!! Pastor David E. Wilson was the #1 trending topic on Twitter this morning - after a video that some people online claimed to show the pastor providing oral services to a woman leaked online. The video is so graphic that we are not providing a link. But here’s a Twitter search of “Pastor Wilson” - Pastor Wilson has worked as a Christian pastor in Texarkana, Texas, for nearly 40 years. And if you look at the below picture, he is wearing a wedding ring - so we suspect that the good Pastor is MARRIED. By TrippyTube via

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