DMT Beauty Transformation: There’s No Meme Like A Meme From A Sibling So Here Are 5 To Share On National Sibling Day
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There’s No Meme Like A Meme From A Sibling So Here Are 5 To Share On National Sibling Day

April 10, 2020DMT Beauty

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I have one sister. She's a Scorpio and I'm a Taurus so we fought like animals growing up. But I was recently watching Girls with friends and laughed when Adam peed on Hannah in the shower and realized my sister was the only other person in the world with a sick-enough sense of humor to think it was funny too. Her most recent message to me was a picture, without caption or context, for a fake product called "Flammin’ Hot Tampax." Like many of you with siblings, you probably communicate via memes and have found that there are some memes and jokes that only you and your siblings find funny. 

So much of what makes us laugh is based on where we come from: the movies and shows we watched as kids, the houses we were raised in, the characters from our childhoods (shoutout to SnarkyMarky's grade-school teacher TikTok). But the other half is based on what we've been through, and there are some experiences and dynamics that only siblings know.

So whether you FaceTime every day and have a "sibling appreciation" Instagram post in your drafts or you only share the occasional gut-busting meme, nothing beats laughing with a sibling. These are all real memes my sister and I have shared over the years.

Give it all you've got.
It starts as an accident, then you sneak your hand through the door and turn off the light just to scare them.
The fights don't have to make sense.
Good morning.
You risk too much when you take your sibling's stuff without asking.

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