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Why You Should Laugh Daily and the Health Benefits

June 27, 2019DMT.NEWS

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I can say that I laugh at least once a day, but actually way more than that.

I have a warped way of looking at life that often leads me to view things that should upset me from a funny perspective.

It’s not to say that I lived an easy life, but that I choose to view it through a lens of how inane some things are.

In this current political climate, people are faced on a daily basis with stories that increase stress. We now live in a 24-7, 365 society where you are constantly connected and bombarded with information whether you want it or not.

It’s quite possible to watch the news all day or have your social media news feed setup to show you stories of all the bad things that are happening in the world. Add to that, your job expectations to always be available or working. Daily life brings it’s stresses and stress can affect your health.

I think you have to hone your focus and decide how much bad news or negativity you want to receive. I used to be an unchecked filter for negativity. I experienced a lot of stress and anxiety because I didn’t understand what it was doing to me to constantly be exposed to distressing news. Stress can actually lower your immune system and that can show up as getting cold.

Have you ever had a big presentation or something going on at work and then all of a sudden, you come down with your worst cold? There is a correlation.

But, laughter can serve as an antidote.

I’m not saying laugher alone will cure your cold. I am saying that you can balance your stress with laughter.

According to Mental Floss, there are multiple scientific benefits to laughter. Studies have shown it lowers blood pressure. It can ease anxiety and other negative emotions.
Laughter boosts your immune system and can even act as an anti-depressant. It is also good for your heart and relieves stress.

There are so many health benefits to laughter that we should prioritize it into our daily lives.

It can be a stress reliever to vent to others, but sometimes, venting leads a conversation to turn into a complaining session or stirs up more feelings that are negative. Laughing and joking with people offers health benefits and “feel good” feelings. Be careful that you aren’t joking at the expense of someone else, but laugh about things that everyone can relate to so it’s inclusive instead of exclusive.

One of my tactics is to watch comedy movies when I feel overwhelmed or stressed. Instead of putting on a drama or tuning into politics, I will turn on something that offers pure comedic performances that make me laugh aloud. On the other hand, if I really want to explore stressful topics, I may tune into a Political Comedy show like The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, instead of watching the news. Its news with humor infused into it, which can take the edge off.

One of the greatest gifts I have embraced is the ability to laugh at myself. I find that not taking myself too seriously as well as realizing that I do incredibly stupid things from time-to-time takes a lot of pressure off my relationships and myself. You are more willing to give someone else the benefit of the doubt if you can view yourself in a grounded way. You judge people harshly when you judge yourself harshly.

Another way of getting to know more about yourself is by what you find funny.

Besides, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to be around someone with a good sense of humor or less stressed approach to life. Who doesn’t love a little comic relief?

Don’t be afraid to make laughing apart of your daily schedule. The health benefits truly outweigh feeling silly.

What’s Next? Talk with others. Take action.

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