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5 Reasons To Wake Up Early On Weekends (We’re NOT Kidding)

July 27, 2019DMT.NEWS

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Should you or should you not wake up early on the weekend?

If you think about it, most people wake up early on weekdays and they are totally fine.

Why should the weekends be any different?

Reasons Waking Up Early On Weekends


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  1. Mornings Are The Most Productive Part Of The Day
  2. You Are More Focused In The Morning
  3. There Are Fewer Interruptions
  4. Sleeping In Doesn't Help You
  5. Exercise Is More Effective In The Morning

In this article, I will show you 5 benefits that come from waking up early on the weekend.

Let's begin!


1. Mornings Are The Most Productive Time Of The Day

The most productive time of the day is between 5 AM and around 9 AM.

Waking up early provides you with 4 hours before other people wake up to get something done.

A 2011 study collected 590 million tweets from 2.3 million users and concluded that the mood a person wakes up in has a profound impact on their productivity.

The better the mood you wake up in, the higher your chances of being more productive.

woman looking at sunrise

If you wake up in a good mood, you will start the day right and be more productive.

So remember this, gentlemen; always start your day early with a glass half full and be the one who makes things happen!


2. You Are More Focused In The Morning

Most people don't think they can be more focused in the morning. This is not true!

Even if you aren't a morning person and you feel and look like a zombie when you wake up, your brain is still processing information.

This is also backed up by a study from 1975 out of the University of Sussex – it concluded that the time where people are the most focused is between 8 AM until 2 PM.

To be able to use this to your advantage, set some goals for yourself early in the morning and see how you perform.

You might surprise yourself with your ability to focus when you wake up early on those weekends.

man looking a sticky notes

Set goals for yourself early in the morning, when you can focus better.

After that, you begin to lose focus and you can no longer perform at a higher level.

So make sure you make use of those early mornings and focus on all of the tasks you didn't get to do during the week.


3. There Are Fewer Interruptions

If everyone is asleep, then there is no one to interrupt you.

You need to realize this and take advantage of it.

If you wake up at 5 AM on the weekend, you will not only have enough time to do whatever you want to do but you can do it in peace.

You can go for a run and not worry about cars or go to the gym and not worry about other people, because guess what – they will be at home sound asleep, which means they can't interrupt you.

You have more time to yourself in the early morning since others won't interrupt you.

The best way to leverage this is to do something that makes you feel good and proud.

Once you have finished doing everything that you wanted to do, you will be able to spend time with your family once they wake up.


4. Sleeping In DOESN'T Help You

Those extra few hours that you lost during the weekday won't magically transfer if you sleep in on weekends.

If you sleep in for over 1 – 2 hours on weekends, your entire sleep pattern suddenly changes.

The brain still releases hormones just like it does every other day.

When you suddenly change your sleeping schedule on weekends – you will notice that you will wake up more tired.

Come Monday, you will find it even more difficult to wake up.

Man comfortably sleeping in his bed

Wake up at the same time each day to maintain a consistent sleep schedule.

If you are having trouble waking up early, then maybe you should try waking up a little earlier each day and enjoy the benefits that come from this new routine.


5. Exercise Is More Effective In The Morning

Waking up early to go to the gym is much more beneficial than going at a later time.

A 2013 study concluded that more muscle is added and more fat burned when you exercise in the morning.

This also is a great way to start the day, because you will be rested and full of energy and your body will have more time to adjust and “repair” itself throughout the day.

However, if you go to the gym after you've spent an entire day on your feet – guess what? You will perform less and your body won't be as effective in repairing itself.

empty gym

Use the early morning exercise to help your body recover properly.

You can also avoid the crowds at the gym since most people will decide to sleep in over the weekend.


Summary: 5 Reasons To Wake Up Early On The Weekends

Let's review what we learned today gentlemen!

  1. Mornings Are The Most Productive Part Of The Day
  2. You Are More Focused In The Morning
  3. There Are Fewer Interruptions
  4. Sleeping In Doesn't Help You
  5. Exercise Is More Effective In The Morning

Why don't you give these things a try next weekend? See how you go, I guarantee you'll be surprised at the results!

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