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Careers Counsel | 7 High-Performing CEOs on Maintaining Career Momentum

July 08, 2019DMT.NEWS

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How 7 High-Performing CEOs Maintain Massive Momentum in Their Businesses (Entrepreneur)

Our brains get inspiration by example; so spend time with others who are 10 years ahead of you, which also makes you more competitive.

The Surprising Benefit of Being Bored at Work (Quartz)

Without the innate ability to experience boredom, human beings would be less compelled to move out of their comfort zones and seek different, sometimes better, circumstances.

Why Most Co-Founders Part Ways (and How to Avoid Their Fate) (Inc.)

Make sure to take time to talk about the future and remind each other why you started the company and the outcome you want to achieve.



BoF Careers Team, Khareem Sudlow

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