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July 01, 2019DMT.NEWS


David Barta male modelWe had the chance to talk with David Barta from the reality show Paradise Hotel who is a fitness trainer and was a college baseball player.

The Dapper Style: Where are you from and where are you now?

David: I was born and raised in Burbank, CA where I still currently reside. However, in August I will be moving down to Playa Vista, CA.

The Dapper Style: What was the best part of being an athlete?

David: For me, the best part of being an athlete was being able to use both the talents I had been blessed with, but also the skills and knowledge I had worked for to perform for myself, and my teammates. 

The Dapper Style: You have also been modeling. How did you get started?

David: I started modelling in July of 2018 only two months after my baseball career-ending injury, as I was searching for a new passion in life. I shot with two different photographers in that summer, including an Instagram campaign for Bright Swimwear, which got the attention from my current agent at CESD Print Los Angeles. 

David Barta wearing a suitThe Dapper Style: You were on Paradise Hotel. What was the best part of doing the show?

David: The best part of Paradise Hotel was being able to enjoy the experience for the month that we were in Mexico. In the climate of my life and careers as a trainer and a model, it is not often that I have days where I am able to spend time to enjoy the company of other individuals and relax. 

The Dapper Style: What’s your favorite adult beverage?

David: My favorite adult beverage is a vodka Red Bull. 

The Dapper Style: What place do you want to visit in the world?

David: I have always wanted to visit Hawaii because of its distinctive culture as well as the beautiful nature and its scenery.

Thanks for talking with us David. You can connect with David and get a personal fitness plan at

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