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Men’s Summer Style Mistakes: 5 Things You Should NEVER Wear

July 04, 2019DMT.NEWS


Summer is a wonderful time of year.

Longer days and lighter nights. Who doesn't love sitting outside – relaxing and socializing with friends.

Yet for some guys – style goes out the window.

Next time you're sitting outside, take a look around you.

You'll see some guys in woolen sweaters. Others dressed head-to-toe in polyester. And possibly worse still – some men wearing hardly anything at all.

summer style mistakes men make

Gentlemen, hot weather doesn't mean style goes out the window. There are plenty of ways you can adapt, dress comfortably and look stylish at the same time.

I've got 5 summer style mistakes you need to avoid like the plague.


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  1. Ditch The Ratty Cap
  2. Avoid Putting Wax And Gel In Your Hair
  3. Stop Using Polyester-Lined Jackets
  4. Don't Wear Jeans
  5. Lose The Sandals, Socks, And Crocs

Alright gentlemen, let's get started.


Summer Style Mistake 1. The Baseball Cap

With the sun shining high up in the sky, you're going to need a hat. What men's summer style mistake should you steer clear from first and foremost?

That ratty baseball cap. 

Whether it's a sports team or a symbol from your favorite movie, there are a few reasons why you shouldn't use it.

For one thing, old baseball caps will make you look like trailer trash.

Yeah, it's not flattering.

If you're hitting up a game or actually playing in one, make sure your cap is clean and fresh for wear.

If sports aren't in the schedule, bring in some classic hat styles. Get yourself a straw fedora. These can take your style up a notch regardless of your outfit, adding a little elegance with you wherever you go.

Already experienced with the fedora? Step it up to a Panama Hat. While fedoras are more common, Panama Hats sport wider brims and thus require a confident man to wear them.

Quality varies wildly in stylish straw hats. Most products claiming such are actually made with refined paper. Erring on the side of cheap may be ideal if you experience all four seasons, but those in perpetually hot climates should consider higher-end hats that last.


Summer Style Mistake 2. Too Much Hair Product

Let's face it; When it comes to hair gel, some guys take it too far.

Thick hair products can mix with your sweat while you're outside and before you know it, your face and eyes are covered in chemicals and it starts burning.

It all sounds pretty unpleasant, doesn't it?

“Antonio, my hair is a mess. I NEED a product in it.” I hear you, most guys do.

This is why I recommend trying fiber or clay. These kinds of products are going to stick directly to your hair rather than linger on the scalp.

You can also run your hands through without picking up a ton of grease.


Summer Style Mistake 3. Using Lined Jackets

Are all sport coats and suit jackets made the same? Absolutely not. When it comes to men's summer style mistakes, this can be an easy one to fall for.

Most men's jackets you'll find will have a lining – polyester if it's cheap.

This can be troublesome in the heat. Imagine covering yourself in a garbage bag and baking under the suit – that's what it'll feel like.

unlined jacket summer style mistakes

Unlined jackets are more expensive than their lined counterparts but worth every penny in hotter climates.

For the summer, you're going to need jackets lined with Bemberg. It's a less expensive alternative to silk made from wood pulp. It's nevertheless high-quality and breathable.

An even more comfortable (But more expensive) choice would be an unlined jacket.

Believe it or not, unlined jackets cost far more to manufacture because they need to showcase more detail than they would if they were lined. Regardless, it's a sound investment for a go-to sport coat during the summer. Click here to read my guide – Unlined vs Lined Jackets.


Summer Style Mistake 4. Wearing Jeans

That's right, I said it.

I know this is going to annoy a lot of you guys but jeans are impractical for the summer.

It's a men's summer style mistake we all make – Heck, I'm even guilty of it.

It's not ideal because denim usually comes in a very tight and thick weave. This means the fabric isn't breathable, and that means your legs are going to become a sauna.

What can you use as an alternative?

I'm an advocate for tropical weight wool trousers. They're made with much lighter wool and can sometimes produce a silky texture. It's light, stylish, and practical – you don't need anything else! They're perfect for the workplace.

A more casual alternative would be linen trousers. For centuries, linen has been a luxury fabric in hot climates. This is as breathable as you're going to get, but they are prone to wrinkles. Linen trousers are also a fundamentally casual garment, even suited for the beach!


Summer Style Mistake 5. Sandals, Socks & Crocs

Now, I understand why sandals would be appropriate in certain summertime occasions. If you're poolside or at the beach, it's certainly feasible.

Crocs, on the other hand, never look good. 

Long gym socks are also a bad idea. In the summer heat, it's obvious as to why their thickness and length make them a liability.

So, what is a fella to do?

Summer is the perfect time to upgrade your shoe game to men's loafers. These casual dress shoes are perfect for summer because of how light and open they are.

Loafers go best with no-show socks, which allow them to be less cumbersome while giving your feet room to breath.

These shoes go well with any casual outfit, be it shorts or a full-on summer suit. Gents, I cannot recommend loafers enough.


Summary – Men's Summer Style Mistakes

  1. Ditch The Ratty Cap
  2. Avoid Putting Wax And Gel In Your Hair
  3. Stop Using Polyester-Lined Jackets
  4. Don't Wear Jeans
  5. Lose The Sandals, Socks, And Crocs

Are you guilty of these style sins? If so, don't worry. There's still time to upgrade your wardrobe and kill it this summer.

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