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Summer's Coolest Colognes

July 16, 2019DMT.NEWS

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What They Say

“Inspired by the Moroccan Atlas mountains, this is an aromatic fragrance that evokes smoldering pipe tobacco and a whisper of the exotic.”

What We Say

You want to smell worldly? This is your ticket. It's a fragrance that evolves throughout the day, starting first as a sweet, spiced cinnamon and growing into a darker mix of smoke and cognac.

$95 by Laboratory Perfumes

What They Say

“Unexpected, layered, musk. The key note is crisp and fresh juniper berries, contrasting with the dry and woody base layer of papyrus wood.”

What We Say

Despite a metallic name, this is a soft, understated scent with a vanilla sweetness cut with an inky juniper. Delicate, yet masculine—the cologne equivalent of a floral resort shirt.

$79 by AllSaints

What They Say

“A refreshing and striking note of lemon fades to reveal an aquatic green, algue note, while drift woods dry slowly in the sand and salty, sea air.”

What We Say

The name means sea salt. But it should be named sea foam, since this is what you imagine a rush of tide smells like on the French Riviera—crisp and bubbly with a bite of briny citrus and the warm wood of a sunbaked pier.

$155 by Heeley


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