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From the Editor's Desk: THE MUSIC ISSUE

August 05, 2019DMT.NEWS

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Music is one of those things that comes to us spontaneously. It is a core of our human experience and it is one of the few things that cuts across diversity and it intersects with our cultural boundaries. Music is important for the wellbeing of any person. Music is exquisite, it is beautiful, it is natural, it is part of who we are, and most importantly music is a need. We need this to survive the everyday struggles but also to enjoy life and all of its complexities. 

Now, music can be anything and everything, but there are trailblazers out there that truly help us elevate our experience by providing us with their interpretation of the music artform. Some artists have allowed us to cope with the loss of someone while others have pushed us to explore the fun side of life. While music can be a serious business, I like to think that music is far from serious. And those who practice the artform and have reached stardom are as good as the next person. 

The goal is to indulge in the sounds and rhythms without the opinion of others. To love music is to love self exploration. The freedom to know more about yourself and the connections built through music and experiences should go untouched. Because of these reasons and more, music was our focus for this issue. Whether you enjoy popular genres or not, our goal was to bring stories of those who are connected in some way or another to music and help you elevate your experience.


Eff Ulloa // Editor-in-Chief



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Eff Ulloa, Khareem Sudlow

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