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Liam Payne "House of Payne"

August 12, 2019DMT.NEWS

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By Linda Hosmer


You first met him on the UK’s X Factor stage as a teen with swept bangs and a vocal range that had the judges and the audience on their feet, loudly cheering him on. It was a key moment, the start to Liam Payne’s successful career, caught on camera. Liam went on to join the insanely adored pop boy band, One Direction. And then the world became Liam’s stage.

Years later, Liam’s now a dad with a solo career. He’s on his own and still killing it, just ask his 17 million followers who hang on his every move (they’re lovingly called Payniacs). Just last year fans went wild when he dropped a four-track EP, “First Time,” showing off his range as an artist coupled with some lyrical insight into his personal life. He’s dedicated to delivering the kind of music his fans expect from him.  Liam’s also been open about the fact that he’s eager to pursue more acting opportunities and recently teased the release of new music, something his followers can’t wait consume.

But it seems like Liam’s ability to do it all most recently extended into him pursuing a path as a fashion collaborator. Liam’s teamed up with HUGO as its global brand ambassador on a series of campaigns for an exclusive capsule collection. Looks like there won’t be a shortage of Liam any time soon and we’re totally cool with that! So go ahead and play “Strip That Down” and keep reading as we ask Liam a couple of Qs to get to know him a little better.



When did you realize music was going to be your career choice? Was there a specific moment in time?   

I don’t think you have one moment, if you love music you always hope that you can do it forever.  When you enter a show like X-Factor and get through, it is the most amazing feeling so I was lucky that my career grew from there.

What's something you love to do in your spare time, something your fans might not know?  

 The rare times that I can just be at home I love watching films or getting into a good series.  I also find playing Xbox really chills me out.  


Dream collab? 

There are so many great artists out there but I have to say Eminem would be high on the list.  

Fashion. How would you describe your relationship to it? Also, tell us about how this HUGO partnership came to be? What will this capsule collection look like? Walk us through it...  

Fashion to me is wearing what you feel comfortable in.  I love pushing boundaries, but I do always try to wear what makes me feel good and the Hugo partnership came about because of that.  I felt good in the clothes so I was already wearing them for events, the team saw that and we started talking from there. I really like their clothes and love designing them with the team, really putting my own take on it.  

What can your fans look forward to?  

We’re already working on the next collection and have a few surprises in store with HUGO.  I’ve also been working hard in the studio and have lots more music that I can’t wait to share with everyone. 

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You can follow this partnership via Liam Payne’s Instagram @liampayne and keep up on all of Liam’s upcoming music and projects. Liam’s solo career is one to watch as he pushes his success in a new direction.


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