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Manly Men Take Care of Themselves Naturally

August 15, 2019DMT.NEWS

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Men are renowned for being a little too macho about our health. Sure, men will go all out to get those abs, pump up those biceps and make them look good for a woman. However, underneath all the macho masculinity growing numbers of men are taking note of many other health matters that are often more important than just looking like a man. Men are growing up and taking health matters seriously, some are not overly outspoken about it but there are nonetheless very much more conscious. If you are a man and you are only thinking about your muscles, abs, tan and smile it’s time to become a little less shallow.

Ricki Hall Tatoo Beard Model MenStyleFashion British Lifestyle (2)

Ricki Hall interview way back in 2014.  He is still going very strong as a male and tattoo beard model.

Private Painful

Men consider themselves the dominant sex but when sex becomes painful is can be the sign of something more serious. As men get older muscles can get sore but if there is a pain in the private area then it is a worry. Products such as Prostect have been developed to help men in their more intimate areas.  Pain while going to the bathroom is nothing funny and the same pain can also impact intimacy with a partner. The area of prostate cancer and prostate health has become something many men now take very seriously, and they are beginning to understand it better.

Ricki Hall Tatoo Beard Model MenStyleFashion British Lifestyle (2)

Affairs of The Heart

Men with big hearts are what women are ideally looking for. All the macho behavior, six-packs, and tans may be attractive but underneath all that masculinity women are looking for a heart of gold. However, that heart of gold is of no use if the physical heart is not in good shape. Cardiovascular health is now becoming of vital importance to men. Men are learning that stress is a killer, the know it can raise blood pressure and eventually lead to heart disease and many other problems. Because of this more and more men are considering supplements in their diet and even altering their diet to protect their physical heart. Natural products and solutions are becoming some of the sought-after products on the market.

Ricki Hall Tatoo Beard Model MenStyleFashion British Lifestyle (2)

Lifestyle Changes

Men have become acutely aware of how their lifestyle choices impact their health. Natural solutions for almost everything is what theRicki Hall Tatoo Beard Model MenStyleFashion British Lifestyle (2)y are looking for. Whether they are just simply seeking to gain more energy or just be generally more healthy men are not afraid to become intimate with the health. Changes in lifestyle and diet to ensure a happier healthier life are now strangely more macho for many women who know that a real man is a man that looks after his inner health. Everything from exercise routines, to diet to even having fun all have to change for men to become healthier real men. Natural solutions are the best, fresh fruit, water instead of coffee and getting plenty of fresh air are all up there. Top of the list is getting sleep; real men know to be successful they must work hard but successful men know that to be a real man they must get a good night’s sleep.

Health is all very natural when you come to look at it. How healthy are you?

Ricki Hall Tatoo Beard Model MenStyleFashion British Lifestyle (2)


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