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Speaking Mistakes: Conversation Killers You Need To STOP

September 28, 2019DMT.NEWS

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The art of conversation often goes unnoticed and unmastered by most guys.

Yet there are consequences for this – you run into long awkward pauses, or people politely excusing themselves from your group.

What are you doing to make people avoid you? That's what I want to explore today.

Speaking Mistakes: Conversation Killers You Need To STOP

Gents, here are 8 conversation killers you need to stop.


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  1. You Always Need The Last Word.
  2. You Need To Be Right All The Time. 
  3. The Only One Talking Is You. 
  4. Giving Unsolicited Advice. 
  5. The Philosophical Response. 
  6. Not Actually Listening. 
  7. Making Fun Of Others. 
  8. Constant Interruptions. 


1. You Always Need The Last Word

This is a big problem. Whether it's a debate or a simple conversation, too many of us feel an innate desire to dominate the exchange.

How do you fix this? Simple – keep a leash on your ego. Allow the conversation to take its natural course.

Trying to control the conversation at every turn only makes you appear childish. In the end, you'll be seen as the better man for taking a step back.


2. You Need To Be Right All The Time

Ego is venomous, and this tip stays on that theme. Let's face it, we all want to be right – and we want it all the time. The drive forces us to sometimes say things we don't necessarily mean, subsequently making it a conversation killer.

The best way to avoid this is with facts. If you're stuck in a civil discussion, but the other person has the data to back them up, then all you can do is graciously accept defeat.

Knowledge is power – always strive to be well-read and well-researched so you lessen your chances of ceding the discussion. Either way, there is honor in taking the loss. People will notice.


3. You're The Only One Talking

Do you have a tendency to dominate the conversation? So do many guys.

It's natural to an extent – after all, people love to talk about themselves. The key is to be the only guy in the room that lets other people vent out.

woman ignoring man

Making it all about you is a sure-fire way for people never to approach you.

That's not to say you should allow them to dominate the exchange in turn, but it's far less likely to be a conversation killer when you listen on your terms. Ask the other person questions and encourage them to tell you about themselves.

They'll like you more for it, and thus it's less likely to be a conversation killer.


4. Giving Unsolicited Advice

Unsolicited advice is a red flag that signals a plethora of other issues. People who love imparting “wisdom” can easily be perceived as arrogant. It makes sense, right? They clearly think that their way is the right way.

You're not a Psychiatrist – stop acting like one. 

Advice-givers are influenced more so by compulsion than by awareness. It's important not only to recognize this in others but in yourself as well. It's dangerously easy to fall into this trap, and others – as always – will notice.

Judgment is key – do not offer your advice unless the other person is confiding in you.


5. The Philosophical Response

Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle might be fascinating reads, but they don't have a place in small talk.

Treating everything like it has unnecessary depth is a definite conversation killer. It makes you look pretentious and arrogant, much like offering unsolicited advice. Are you noticing a pattern?

Be polite, frank, and honest. There's no need to ramble on about the deeper meaning of life when there's none to be had at the moment.


6. Are you Listening, Really?

Active listening is an incredibly useful skill – it can really help your ability to keep a conversation going. The key to active listening lies with a few subtle gestures that make the other person enjoy your company.

first date lunch

Active listening helps in any conversation – whether it be a casual work lunch or a date.

Showing that you're paying attention goes a long way. The simple act of looking at the speaker in the eye can work wonders. However, it's also helpful to give an occasional nod, smile, open body language. Verbal encouragements such as “Go on” can work as well.


7. Being Funny At The Expense Of Others

Bullying is often a term associated with the schoolyard, but it's pervasive among adults too. You'll see it a lot – people preying on each other in a group conversation to look funny. There's nothing wrong with friendly ball-busting among friends, but there's always a line you shouldn't cross.

men at the table talking

A dynamic of equality in a discussion is better than a one-sided roast.

Make conversation that's fun for everyone. If you need to put someone down, it's probably not worth it.


8. You Like To Interrupt

We always want to get our point across – always wanting to have our voices heard. Ever find yourself getting overexcited about a topic and cutting others off? You might be doing this without even realizing it.

If the other person hasn't finished, then zip it!

A lot of it lies with conscious drilling – train yourself to only speak once the other person has finished already. Watch out for those queues!


Summary – Conversation Killers

  1. You Always Need The Last Word.
  2. You Need To Be Right All The Time. 
  3. The Only One Talking Is You. 
  4. Giving Unsolicited Advice. 
  5. The Philosophical Response. 
  6. Not Actually Listening. 
  7. Making Fun Of Others. 
  8. Constant Interruptions. 

It's almost too easy to fall back on our inherently selfish nature and ruin conversations. Nevertheless, these quick tips should help you take your charisma to the next level and be the man you know yourself to be.


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