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The Last Laugh: Style Secrets To Steal From The Joker

September 29, 2019DMT.NEWS

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Gents, I'm sure you've seen the trailers.

Joker's coming to theaters in early October, and seeing as how I love to geek out and this is a style blog, I wanted to take a different spin on things.

We shouldn't admire The Joker – he's a maniac. His whole purpose as a villain is to cause chaos and destroy human lives. That being said, there are plenty of lessons we can take from his sense of style.

The Last Laugh: Style Secrets To Steal From The Joker

So, without further ado, here's 5 Joker style hacks you can use in everyday life.

Don't worry, there's no makeup required.


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  1. Rich, Contrasting Colors.
  2. He Grabs Your Attention.
  3. He Knows The Rules Before Breaking Them.
  4. Confidence Is Key.
  5. He Uses Charisma To His Advantage.


1. Rich Contrasting Colors

Joker's trademark attire is a purple suit. Sometimes we see a green vest, other times it's orange.

The colors aren't light either. They're almost always deep shades of the colors mentioned. Contrast is also key, and Joker understands this. They don't blend together, rather they each bring a unique flavor to the overall ensemble.

Skin tone and hair determine everything and you need to apply the same level of contrast to your outfit. When you consider that Joker uses bright white makeup and green hair, he's applying the rule perfectly.


2. He Grabs Your Attention

Green hair and clown makeup are sure to grab anyone's attention. Luckily for you, this Joker style hack doesn't require you to throw some paint on.

Attention-grabbers for a sane gentleman like yourself could include some colorful socks or a pocket square that exhibits some aggressive patterns. You can also try your hand at some attention-grabbing shoes or a boutonniere on your lapel.

“They laugh at me because I'm different. I laugh at them because they're all the same.” -The Joker, The Dark Knight (2008)

In short, there are plenty of ways for a man to draw the right kind of attention – no clowns or mass murder required.


3. He Understands The Rules… And Breaks Them

This Joker style hack is all about rebelling. When you think about it, it's clear he knows the rules. His suit always fits him well, his colors all compliment each other, and his shoes even look great whenever we can see them.

He takes those rules and puts his own spin on them, and that's the lesson here. If you know the Style Pyramid – fit, fabric, and function – and you've mastered the basics, you can then step out of your comfort zone and do some amazing things.

Joker's personal style isn't a good fit for most of us, but the point is that he knows the rules before he breaks them. With the right knowledge when it comes to fit, colors, and patterns, you can build something powerful that veers from the norm.



4. Confidence Is Key

The Joker exudes confidence – he does pretty much what he wants, wears what he wants, and doesn't care what others think. The key is to wear the clothes, not to let the clothes wear you.

joker batman interrogation

There's no doubt that Joker owns his look.

Remember that scene in The Dark Knight when they finally “catch” him? They examine his personal belongings, and one thing of note is that none of his clothing had any tags. His suit was bespoke, which made it entirely unique to The Joker.

That's the key here, gents – know what you like, and own it while you wear it.


5. The Power of Charisma

Lastly, Joker's key trait is his dark humor and wit. The name wouldn't be apt without, well, jokes.

He's always got a great sense of humor despite the terror he unleashes upon Gotham on a regular basis.

What about his charisma? If you're reading this, then you probably know how he got to Harley Quinn in the comics. She used to be a Psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum evaluating Joker, but in talking to him, she soon fell for him.

harley quinn and joker

Underestimating Joker's charismatic allure might be the last mistake you ever make.

Harley Quinn is now known as Joker's loyal sidekick. If he could manipulate a trained professional, what else is he capable of?

Now, I'm not telling you to follow his example literally here. I am encouraging you to read up a little on the art of conversation. You'd be surprised at the great things you can herald with a powerful first impression.


Summary – Joker Style Hacks

  1. Rich, Contrasting Colors.
  2. He Grabs Your Attention.
  3. He Knows The Rules Before Breaking Them.
  4. Confidence Is Key.
  5. He Uses Charisma To His Advantage.

Joker is perhaps one of the most powerful and well-known villains in popular culture. His style sense and unique persona have embedded him in the imaginations of fans for decades.

We should never emulate such a man. Let's face it – he's a psychopath. However, there are tidbits we can extrapolate to make our lives easier – especially if you're a geek like me.

Want some more nerdy rants? How about my article on Game of Thrones, or Bruce Wayne Vs. Tony Stark?

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