DMT Beauty Transformation: Know these 7 Best Hairstyles for Men
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Know these 7 Best Hairstyles for Men

November 16, 2019DMT.NEWS

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Fashion trends keep changing. This, for the most part, plays a big role in the beauty industry. Different clothing styles demand new beauty techniques. When it comes to beauty, you cannot talk about it without talking about hairstyles. Hair frames the framework of the face, accentuating its best features. This is not only true for women but men too.

Rocking a sophisticated hairstyle is not a soft spot for all men. Most men prefer simple haircuts that still get the job done. This, however, is not a ticket for anyone to be lazy or boring. Getting a trendy hairstyle can help you redefine your personal brand, and who knows? You might end up liking your new look. Here are 7 of such hairstyles you should try:

  1. Low Fade with Long Fringe

Know these 7 Best Hairstyles for Men : Grooming |

A low fade is best achieved with the best hair edgersThis style lays all the focus on the long fringe at the front. Depending on your preference and your hair type, you can keep the fringe as long as you want. Make sure you achieve the low fade with precision to express detail of the style.

  1. Short Sides with Medium Length Hair on Top

Know these 7 Best Hairstyles for Men : Grooming |

Having a beard and sideburns with this haircut is the best way to wear it. It features a low skin fade on the side and back. At the front, you keep a medium length spiky fringe textured as per your preference. Let the low skin fade swiftly connect with your sideburns and join with your beard. 

  1. Man Bun and Beard

Know these 7 Best Hairstyles for Men : Grooming |

Some men prefer long hair more than others. If cutting your locks is not what you signed up for, then you can keep it with this hairstyle. Hold the top half of your hair in a mid-bun as the rest of it freely lays on your head. You can also choose to pull up all the hair in a messy man bun and still rock the hairstyle. Keep a beard to complete the look.

  1. High Fade with Loose Pompadour

Know these 7 Best Hairstyles for Men : Grooming |

There is no better time to put your pomade or wax to good use than with this hairstyle. The high fade at the back can also feature an undercut if that is what you prefer. The loose pompadour at the front does not necessarily require long hair. You just need a few inches, 3 to 5, of hair, to achieve the style. Your high-quality wax or pomade will be useful to hold the style in place.

  1. High Fade with Hard Part

Know these 7 Best Hairstyles for Men : Grooming |

Again with the high fade at the back, you can opt for an undercut. This is for men who are looking for an extreme look with the hairstyle. However, others can go with the gentler taper fade. The style is distinct from the others because of the hard part. It is an excellent haircut for men with kinky hair to bring out the definition. Make sure you keep at least 3 inches of hair at the top of your head, to help define the hairstyle. 

  1. The Undercut

Know these 7 Best Hairstyles for Men : Grooming |

The undercut hairstyle is a great option for men who are looking for versatility. It befits all hair types and can easily be tweaked for all face types. The front part retains some inches in length of hair while the sides and back are kept shorter. It often involves a side part or a hard part, but it can still work without it. 

  1. Ivy League

Know these 7 Best Hairstyles for Men : Grooming |

f you worry that your jawbone is not well represented by all the other hairstyles, the Ivy League is what you need. The length of the hair is usually short. However, the front part is longer – enough to allow for the side part.

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