DMT Beauty Transformation: Oreo Is Already Prepping For Spring With Festive Pink Cookies
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Oreo Is Already Prepping For Spring With Festive Pink Cookies

January 15, 2020DMT Beauty

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Pink Oreos? For Spring? Groundbreaking.

We’re not saying pastels for spring are some kind of revolution. Neither are egg-shaped spin-offs of popular snack foods. But for a long time, we didn’t have pink Oreos and now we do. Starting February, you’ll be able to hunt for these returning Easter egg Oreos on store shelves near you. Rose-colored Golden Oreo cookies with classic creme join Peeps, bunny-shaped Reese’s cups, and jelly beans. 

In the meantime, Oreo’s Most Stuf cookies are returning to store shelves on January 20th. This revives the age-old debate about which cookie-to-filling ratio is the winning formula. Starting with Most Stuf, then thinning it out to Mega Stuf, Double Stuf, Original Stuf, all the way down to Thins. Don’t ask us why Oreo spells “stuff” with just one “F,” we’re not in touch with Nabisco’s accounting department.

You express your strongly-held opinions about Oreo stuffing on their website, where you will be entered to win $100,000 for doing your civic duty.

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