DMT Beauty Transformation: Surround Yourself With These Lucky Colors in 2020 For Health and Happiness
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Surround Yourself With These Lucky Colors in 2020 For Health and Happiness

January 05, 2020DMT Beauty

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It’s officially the roaring ’20s, ya’ll. And if the 10 years ahead of us are anything like the last decade, we’re going to need some serious luck.

Different cultures practice all sorts of different rituals meant to usher in good fortune around the New Year. In Colombia, they walk around the block carrying an empty suitcase, according to Forbes. In Greece, they hang onions on the door as a way to symbolize rebirth. In the U.S., some regions cook special dishes or kiss a loved one.

The Chinese New Year comes with its own fortune-related traditions, including the idea of “lucky colors.” This goes several layers deeper than the Pantone color of the year.

A lucky color is based on feng shui, a centuries-old Chinese system that centers around the flow of energy, or qi, says Vanessa Montgomery, astrologer and author of Star Power: A Simple Guide to Astrology for the Modern Mystic. You’ve probably heard the term tossed around in relation to interior design. And it’s true; the layout of your home and decor play a role in feng shui. But so do colors.

In feng shui, different colors express each of the five basic elements — wood, earth, metal, fire, and water — and the hues can be used to shift energy. Each year is also marked by a different color; surrounding yourself with them is thought to usher in prosperity and health, reports.

And while we all already watched the ball drop, the Chinese New Year doesn’t happen until January 25, 2020. That will kick off the Year of the Rat, which has two lucky colors: white and blue. (White is used to express metal, so 2020 is going to be known as the Year of the White Metal Rat, which sounds pretty hardcore.)

To tap into the good fortune, try wearing blue and white or using the colors to decorate your home or other spaces where you spend a lot of time. Create a little reading nook filled with fluffy white pillows, and pretty blue touches. You’ll be able to chip away at your resolution to read more while ushering in the good vibes — win-win.

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