DMT Beauty Transformation: 56 Best Cheap Gift Ideas – This is the only list you’ll need.
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56 Best Cheap Gift Ideas – This is the only list you’ll need.

March 30, 2020DMT Beauty

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Cheap Gift Ideas.jpeg

via: Pexels / Daria Shevtsova

If you need some quick, cheap gift ideas, I have some great items for you!

These exciting gift ideas are so tempting, you’re gonna want to pick some up for yourself. And that’s great – they’re all so cheap!


7 Best Cheap Gifts

Cheap Gifts - Best Cheap Gifts.jpeg

via: Pexels / Daria Shevtsova

These are the best cheap gifts I was able to source. These gifts are perfect for anyone you need a quick present for. There are some awesome options that will be irresistible!

Here are the 7 best cheap gifts:

cheap gifts - Travel Laptop Backpack

via: Amazon / Tzowla

1. Travel Laptop Backpack

This backpack is a perfect, inexpensive gift for your friend with wanderlust.

cheap gifts - Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

via: Amazon / Romanda

2. Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

Stay zen with this amazing bracelet that surrounds the wearer in soothing and healing scents.

cheap gifts - KOBRA LED Bulb Color Changing

via: Amazon / KOBRA Products

3. KOBRA LED Bulb Color Changing

This small bulb makes a big change in the environment!

cheap gifts - Moon Phases Wall Art Print

via: Amazon / Yellowbird Art & Design

4. Moon Phases Wall Art Print

This stylish print is a perfect gift to personalize a home.

Cheap Gift Ideas - Custom wood sign

via: Etsy / MoreThanAHobbyLLC

5. Custom wood sign

Make a sign with a custom phrase or name for a gift they’ll cherish!

Cheap Gift Ideas - Engraved Aluminum Compass

via: Etsy / MonroeLaserEngraving

6. Engraved Aluminum Compass

This classy compass lets the receiver know they’ll always be on the right path.

Cheap Gift Ideas - AmazonBasics Controller Charging Station for PlayStation 4

via: Amazon / AmazonBasics

7. AmazonBasics Controller Charging Station for PlayStation 4

Make sure they never run out of steam with this sleek charging station.

6 Cheap Gifts For Your Girlfriend

Cheap Gifts - Cheap Gifts For Girlfriend

via: Pexels / vjapratama

My romance tip – get gifts for your girlfriend regularly!  This list sets you up to make her feel special all the time.

Here are 6 cheap gifts for your girlfriend:

Cheap Gift Ideas - Wall Stickers Flowers

via: Amazon / OTTATAT

8. Wall Stickers Flowers

Cheap Gift Ideas - Tree of Life choker necklace

via: Etsy / LizardsFour

9. Tree of Life choker necklace

Keep her up with the trends with this delicate necklace.

cheap gifts - I Love You Pillowcase

via: Amazon / LIPOR

10. Blessing to My Girlfriend Be Yours and Only Yours I Love You Pillowcase

This romantic pillow will remind her every day that you are head over heels for her.

Cheap Gift Ideas - Black Rose Hydrating Korean Face Mask

via: Amazon / CELEBEAU

11. Black Rose Hydrating Korean Face Mask

These super hydrating face masks will have her glowing all day!

Cheap Gift Ideas - Savvy Infusion Water Bottle 

via: Amazon / Savvy Infusion

12. Savvy Infusion Water Bottle

She’ll get in every delicious daily ounce with this innovative water bottle.

Cheap Gift Ideas - Colored Clip in Hair Extensions

via: Amazon / Hawkko

13. Colored Clip in Hair Extensions

Way cheaper than a stylist, and easier to update too! She’ll be obsessed.

3 Cheap Gift Ideas For Your Wife

Cheap Gift - Cheap Gift Ideas For Wife.jpeg

via: Pexels / Renato Abati

Spoiler alert – wives like gifts, too. These inexpensive gift ideas for your wife will remind her that you see her and how hard she works!

Here are 3 cheap gift ideas for your wife:

Cheap Gift Ideas - Wine Lip Balm

via: Etsy / badgerfacebeauty

14. Wine Lip Balm

This moisturizing balm made from blackberries and sparkling wine tastes as good as it looks!

cheap gifts - Calvin Klein Women's Modern Cotton Bralette

via: Amazon / Calvin Klein

15. Calvin Klein Women’s Modern Cotton Bralette

These comfy bralettes are classic and cute and perfect for lounging at home!

cheap gifts - Stainless Steel Ravioli Mold

via: Amazon / KAYCROWN

16. Stainless Steel Ravioli Mold

Give your aspiring chef an upgrade in tools! It’s a gift for you!

cheap gifts - Crystal hair pins

via: Etsy / HeatherFeatherCrowns

17. Crystal hair pins

These eye-catching pins will be her favorite way to have a good hair day!

5 Cheap Romantic Gifts

Cheap Gifts - Cheap Romantic Gifts

via: Pexels / Andrea Piacquadio

These romantic gifts will let her know that you put a lot of thought into it – and that’s worth more than the gift itself!!

Here are 5 cheap romantic gifts: 

cheap gifts - Candy Floral Chocolate Smash Cup

via: Etsy / ScentedWeddings

18. Candy Floral Chocolate Smash Cup

Combine flowers AND candy in this romantic, engaging gift that will blow her away!

cheap gifts - Couple Keychain

via: Etsy / AlfalfaDesign

19. Couple Keychain

These wooded custom keychains are perfect for celebrating your fifth anniversary!

cheap gifts - Flameless Candles With Remote Control and Timer 

via: Amazon / Easy Gift Ideas

20. Flameless Candles With Remote Control and Timer

These candles set the mood with a warm glow that is perfectly fine to fall asleep to.

cheap gifts - Top 50 Movies Bucket List Scratch Off Poster

via: Amazon / Global Walkabout

21. Top 50 Movies Bucket List Scratch Off Poster

50 movies = 50 dates! Grab some popcorn in bulk!

cheap gifts - Custom Star Map

via: Amazon / Custom Star Map

22. Custom Star Map

Give the gift of memory with this gorgeous print that captures a special moment in time.

5 Cheap Gifts For Mom

Cheap Gifts - Cheap Gifts For Mom.jpeg

via: Pexels / Gustavo Fring

These gifts for mom are perfect for her birthday, mother’s day or just because! I mean it – buy your mom a “just because” gift! You know she deserves it….

Here are 5 cheap gifts for your mom:

cheap gifts - Custom Cuff Bracelet

via: Etsy / SalmaDesign

23. Custom Cuff Bracelet

Say what’s on your heart with this customized silver bangle.

Cheap Gift Ideas - Neck Shoulder Back Massager with Heat

via: Amazon / MoCuishle

24. Neck Shoulder Back Massager with Heat

This is the perfect gift for the mama who carries all her tension in her upper back.

cheap gifts - Natural Sugar Scrub

via: Etsy / ExplicitEssentials

25. Natural Sugar Scrub

This organic skin scrub is great for the pampering mom who has a bit of a potty mouth.

cheap gifts - Crocs Women's Swiftwater Sandal Sport

via: Amazon / Crocs

26. Crocs Women’s Swiftwater Sandal Sport

This comfy, sporty sandals are perfect for the on-the-go mom!

cheap gifts - Wood Conical mortars and pestles

via: Etsy / NatureCarthage

27. Wood Conical mortars and pestles

Any chef would adore this olive wood mortar set.

4 Cheap Gifts For Dad

Cheap Gifts - Cheap Gifts For Dad.jpeg

via: Pexels / Gustavo Fring

It’s fun to buy gifts for your dad. But, sometimes, it’s hard to think of new ideas! The nice thing is, all the items on this list are cheap!

Here are 4 cheap gifts for your dad:

cheap gifts - Magnetic Wristband for Holding Screws

via: Amazon / Daletu

28. Magnetic Wristband for Holding Screws

Give him an extra hand while he works on his honey-do list!

cheap gifts - Leather valet tray

via: Etsy / IRONandGRAINusa

29. Leather valet tray

This customized leather catchall gives a sleek look to his side of the dresser.

cheap gifts - Hammer Multitool

via: Amazon / Veitorld

30. Hammer Multitool

This multi0function tool helps him complete all of his “dad” duties.

cheap gifts - Beard Oil Gift Set


31. Beard Oil Gift Set

If your dad sports a beard, he’ll wonder how he ever lived without this customized beard balm and oil gift set.

4 Cheap Groomsmen Gifts

Cheap Gifts - Cheap Groomsmen Gifts.jpeg

via: Unsplash / Katelyn MacMillan

There are whole books and websites dedicated to wedding planning, but one thing is for sure: the groom buys the groomsmen gifts! Trust me, the bride has enough to do.

Here are 4 cheap groomsmen gifts:

cheap gifts - Printed Groomsmen Sunglasses

via: Etsy / WeddingGiftFun

32. Printed Groomsmen Sunglasses

These fun sunglasses add a playful vibe to their formalwear.

cheap gifts - Personalized Gunmetal Pocket Watch Custom with Monogram

via: Etsy /  tiposcreation

33. Personalized Gunmetal Pocket Watch Custom with Monogram

Class up the place with these snazzy black pocketwatches.

cheap gifts - Razor with Personalized Option

via: Etsy / BackyardSawdust

34. Razor with Personalized Option

This gorgeous engraved razors will take your “getting-ready” pictures to the next level.

cheap gifts - Belt with Automatic Click Buckle

via: Amazon / HIMI

35. Belt with Automatic Click Buckle

These belts will have your men looking fly on your bigs day, and they’ll be glad to use them every day after!

4 Cheap Small Gift Ideas

Cheap Gift - Cheap Small Gift Ideas

via: Unsplash / freestocks

These small gift ideas are perfect when you need a cheap (but not cheap feeling) gift!

Stock up on a few of these small, inexpensive presents so you always have one on hand for a last-minute celebration. Do that, and you’ll have unlocked pro adulting status! 

Here are 4 cheap small gift ideas:

cheap gifts - Owl Pot Ceramic

via: Amazon / SUN-E SE

36. Owl Pot Ceramic

These 6 small plant holders make quite the fun collection, for home or work!

cheap gifts - Floral Mousepad

via: Etsy / TheLetterGiftShop3

37. Floral Mousepad

Dress up their desk at work with this customized mousepad.

cheap gifts - Glasses Case - Crazy Cats

via: Etsy / ThePout

38. Glasses Case – Crazy Cats

Why use a boring specs case when you could have this cute, custom version?

cheap gifts - Personalized Dog Bowl

via: Etsy / Susabellas

39. Personalized Dog Bowl

Show some love to your furry friend with this custom bowl!

4 Cheap Cool Gifts

These cheap gifts are perfect when you want to leave a good impression. A little out of the ordinary, these cool gifts definitely stand out from the everyday birthday card and balloons.

Here are 4 cheap cool gifts:

cheap gifts - Liquid Activated Multicolor LED Glasses

via: Amazon / So There

40. Liquid Activated Multicolor LED Glasses

Light up the night with these spectacular glowing drinking glasses!

cheap gifts - 50ct Peppermint Flavored Toothpicks

via: Etsy / KPikToothpicks

41. 50ct Peppermint Flavored Toothpicks

This unexpected gift will quickly become one of their favorite daily items!

cheap gifts - Anime Luminous Backpack

via: Amazon / FLYMEI

42. Anime Luminous Backpack

This light-up backpack is packed with features, plus it stands out in a crowd.

cheap gifts - Tire Coffee Tea Mug

via: Amazon / MISHOWNET

43. Tire Coffee Tea Mug

This thermal mug is a must-have for the car aficionado in your life!

4 Cheap Unique Gifts

Cheap Gifts - Cheap Unique Gifts

via: Unsplash / Pixel Bee

We all have that particular friend or family member that’s hard to buy for. 

Never fear – these unique gifts may be unexpected but they are sure to love their quirky nature. These are gifts anyone would love. 

Here are 4 cheap unique gifts:

cheap gifts - LED Reading Light for Books

via: Amazon / Energizer

44. LED Reading Light for Books

They’ll thank you for this small gift every night when they’re nose-deep in their latest novel.

cheap gifts - USB LED Clock Fan with Real Time Display Function

via: Amazon / ONXE

45. USB LED Clock Fan with Real Time Display Function

This fun usb dongle keeps you cool and time-informed!

cheap gifts - 6 Inch Wooden Nose Shaped Eyeglass Holder

via: Amazon / Nirvana Class

46. 6 Inch Wooden Nose Shaped Eyeglass Holder

Channel Easter Island with this witty eyeglass stand that will keep their glasses fresh!

cheap gifts - Window Bird Feeder with Strong Suction Cups and Seed Tray

via: Amazon / Nature’s Hangout

47. Window Bird Feeder with Strong Suction Cups and Seed Tray

Bring the wildlife (almost) indoors with this clever bird feeder!

4 Cheap Cute Gifts

Cute Gifts - Cheap Cute Gifts.jpeg

via: Unsplash / Nynne Schrøder

Need a quick gift for a niece, sister, or coworker? These cute gifts are considerate and sweet, and girls are sure to go head over heels for them!

Here are 4 cheap cute gifts:

cheap gifts - Elephant Flower Pot

via: Amazon / Gift Pro

48. Elephant Flower Pot

Dress up their desk with these ironically tiny elephant plant holders.

cheap gifts - Disney makeup bag

via: Etsy / Mamapower

49. Disney makeup bag

This adorable personalized makeup bag is fit for a princess.

cheap gifts - Animal Corner Bookmarks

via: Etsy / ArtsyKatShop

50. Animal Corner Bookmarks

Your favorite reader will love these adorable bookmarks.

cheap gifts - Kitten Piggy Bank

via: Amazon / YSLON

51. Kitten Piggy Bank

Why use a plain jar or can when you could feed this ridiculously cute kitten your spare change?

4 Cheap Birthday Gift Ideas

Cheap Gift - Cheap Birthday Gift Ideas.jpeg

via: Unsplash / Ian Schneider

Birthdays are a time to celebrate all that’s been accomplished and all that is to come! Pick a gift that lets them each year is a gift!

These birthday gift ideas are perfect for anyone celebrating a spin around the sun, and there are a few for big occasion birthdays, too!

Here are 4 cheap birthday gift ideas:

cheap gifts - LED Photo Clip String Lights

via: Amazon / WELOVE

52. LED Photo Clip String Lights

These insta-ready clip lights are perfect for the aspiring influencer.

Cheap Gift Ideas - Starry night Vincent Van Gogh painting earrings

via: Etsy / BeeHappyShop

53. Starry night Vincent Van Gogh painting earrings

Your artistic friend will LOVE these interesting earrings.

Cheap Gift Ideas - Squishy Cat Set

via: Amazon / NUTTY TOYS

54. Squishy Cat Set

These Kawaii kitties are adorable and stress relieving! Double win!

Cheap Gift Ideas - Balance IQ Party Favor Games

via: Amazon / Big Mo’s Toys

55. Balance IQ Party Favor Games

Give your favorite hostess these fun brainteasers!

4 Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas

Cheap Gift - Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas

via: Unsplash / Superkitina

Christmas is fun because everyone gets to give and get so many gifts!! It’s also hard because you need to stretch your budget and creativity for Christmas gift ideas to the max!

I’ve got a ton of cheap gift ideas that will cross off everyone on your list!

Here are 4 cheap Christmas gift ideas:

Cheap Gift Ideas - Hand Operated Flying Drone

via: Amazon / NUTTY TOYS

56. Hand Operated Flying Drone

This is the kind of gift that gets played with all Christmas day!

Cheap Gift Ideas - Polyester Christmas Shower Curtains

via: Amazon / mikmoki

57. Polyester Christmas Shower Curtains

For the person that loves to decorate EVERY room for the holidays!

Cheap Gift Ideas - 10m Foil Washi Tape roll gold

via: Etsy / The Lovely Factory

58. 10m Foil Washi Tape roll gold

This is perfect for anyone who loves to take their gift wrap to Pinterest levels!

Cheap Gift Ideas - Passport protection

via: Etsy / ZGetZAGshop

59. Passport protection

Help them stay safe and stylish as they travel during the holidays!

How To Pick The Best Cheap Gift Idea

Cheap Gift - How To Pick The Best Cheap Gift Idea

via: Unsplash / Štefan Štefančík

Buying a gift for anyone can get to be a little much. Where do you start? What if you pick the wrong thing and they hate it?

Don’t be overwhelmed by this extensive list of gifts. It’s meant to help, not hinder! I’ve written a little guide for you to get the most out of this article.

Here is how to pick the best cheap gift idea:

1. Analyze your recipient

Analyze your recipient

via: Unsplash / bruce mars

Who exactly are you buying for? Your mom, your best friend, your girlfriend’s step-niece? Each person is going to have a different array of gift options.

Also, think through the occasion. A theme can make choosing a gift a lot easier!

2. Give it some thought

Analyze your recipient.jpeg

via: Unsplash / bruce mars

Think through the gift-giving facts. What’s your budget? All of these gifts are cheap, but if you need to buy a bunch of gifts, you may still need to consider the cost.

Also, it doesn’t need to be intense, but giving a little thought to your gift makes it extra special and will help avoid faux pas. Giving a running belt to a triathlete? Brilliant!! Gifting a jerky set to a vegetarian? Not so great.

3. Pull the trigger

Pull the trigger.jpeg

via: Pexels / Startup Stock Photos

Chances are, you’re on a timeline! Consider your options – there are probably a lot of items on this list that are a great fit. Then, add to cart and go!

You’ve given so much thought to what to buy that you’re reading an article of great, cheap ideas! I’m pretty sure they’ll love what you pick. Go with your gut!

More Great Gift Ideas

  1. Need some gifts for the guys? You’ll love this list of manly gifts.
  2. Think outside the 6-pack with these creative beer gifts.
  3. It will be cause for celebration every few weeks with this beer of the month club.
  4. This wine of the month club is sure to be a hit with any moms on your list.
  5. Give them 12 delicious months with this delectable cheese of the month club.

In Conclusion

Buying a nice gift doesn’t have to be expensive. And it doesn’t have to take a lot of time! I’ve compiled lots of great cheap gift ideas for all your gift-giving needs!

Something on this list of gift ideas is sure to make someone’s day! So take a look, pick a gift, and prepare yourself for gushes of gratefulness.

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