DMT Beauty Transformation: Style Expert Reacts To Ryan Gosling: 10 Lessons From Crazy Stupid Love
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Style Expert Reacts To Ryan Gosling: 10 Lessons From Crazy Stupid Love

March 08, 2020DMT Beauty

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Are you going through a mid-life crisis?

Maybe you’re trying to impress your soul mate?

Whatever your goal is we are here to help and so is Ryan Mother#^@%*&-ing Gosling.

Do I need to say any more?

If you don’t already look up to Ryan Gosling’s style, then start!

ryan gosling and steven carell

Today, we’re looking at 10 style lessons from the 2011 film: Crazy, Stupid, Love.


Click Here To Watch The Video – 7 Style Lessons From Crazy Stupid Love (Style Expert Reacts!)


1. Confidence is the Foundation of Style

Gentleman, you can look like Jacob (Ryan Gosling) but if you don’t have the confidence in yourself to approach someone or make casual conversation then you’ve already lost.

At RMRS we always try to instill confidence in you by helping you and showing you that it is okay to care about how you look and that it is not hard to look better than you currently do.

ryan gosling at a bar

See that? he just exudes confidence.

This is all in the attempt to make men everywhere more confident and comfortable in their own skin. It doesn’t matter if you are 24 or 64, you can always take care and make sure you are happy and comfortable in your clothes and confident in yourself.

We have the best ebooks on men’s style on the internet for you to use to have Ryan Gosling's irresistible confidence in the film.


2. Fit is King

If confidence is the first floor of foundation to style, fit is the second.

One of my favorite scenes in the entire film is the makeover scene. Duh, of course, I would love this scene.

However, the best part of the makeover scene is when Cal (Steve Carell) comes out for the first time and is wearing clothes that actually fit him properly.

Jacob immediately asks the sales associate if she would sleep with Cal.

steve carell transformation

Cal had a heck of a transformation, didn't he?

She says yes.

You want to make sure you’re not wearing clothes that are too big for you and also that are too small for you. It is a fine balance. We recommend seeing a tailor to measure you all over and to tell you the correct fit that you aren’t meant to wear.

You could be in amazing shape but if you’re wearing a 44 when you’re a 42 in your jackets; you’re never going to look good.

Speaking of being in shape…


3. Staying in Shape

Ryan Gosling has put all of us to shame, gentleman. I mean come on. We all had the same reaction to seeing him shirtless that Emma Stone did.

The point is gentleman, we have to work out. Not only is it healthy for us and will allow us to live longer but it will also make us look better inside and outside of our clothing.

ryan gosling shirless

Working out not only makes you look better – you feel better as a result.

Working out and being in shape will also allow a man to be more confident than ever.

Even if you don’t look like Gosling, pick a style icon and emulate them.

We’re all created differently so you may never look exactly like someone else and that's ok.

The point is to better yourself while being comfortable in your own skin.


4. Ditch the Tennis Shoes

In the film, Cal first meets Jacob wearing his 407 sneakers.


Hopefully, you already know not to wear New Balance sneakers ever.

Moreover, sneakers should only be worn to the gym or during manual labor. I don’t care if they’re Nike’s or the brand new Yeezys; you look like an immature teenager.

One of the first things people notice about your outfit is your footwear.

Why is this?

cal shoes in crazy stupid love

Cal starts off with ugly, dirty sneakers. Avoid this at all costs.

Well, first of all, the type of shoe you are wearing indicates your status. Shoes have always served as a symbol of status dating all the way back to ancient Egypt when slaves would be barefoot and citizens would wear sandals.

Another reason is that a great pair of shoes can completely level up any outfit you are wearing.

If you don’t have a lot of money, always spend more on your shoes as this will allow them to last longer and will elevate your entire outfit.

You could be wearing a perfectly tailored suit but if you’re wearing a pair of tennis shoes, the whole outfit is ruined.

Trade out your tennis shoes for a pair of classic Oxfords or go a bit more rugged with a pair of Chukka or Chelsea boots.

Either option is great and people will notice.


5. Mix Up a Classic Suit with Colors and Details

In the film, Gosling wears quite a few different suits however most of them aren’t your standard black or navy suits.

Opting for a maroon, dark hunter green and a grey prince of wales check, Gosling’s suit colors are far from standard.

Perfectly tailored to his body, these colors help him to stand out.

Don’t be afraid to have a bit of leather detailing on your jacket like Gosling has on his hunter green suit. Have fun with it and show off a little!

Pocket Squares and Ties can add pizzaz to an otherwise classic outfit.

If you’re going for your first suit go with something a little bit safer like a dark navy or dark charcoal.

If you already own one or two suits, flex your creativity a little bit more. Add in an “earthy” tone as Gosling does.

Make sure to keep the tailoring perfect just change up the color. Use colors that compliment your complexion and hairstyle.


6. An Accessory is Always Necessary

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: the watch makes the man.

For most of the film, Gosling wears a classic yellow gold Rolex Bubbleback with a light brown leather strap.

This is a vintage piece that really stands out in a crowd. The watch has a small dial (only 32mm) which allows it to be worn both in more casual outfits and with a suit.

Wearing a classically styled men’s watch should be essential at this point, gentlemen. Once you nail down a watch, start to branch out.

I know that a lot of men want a sportier option such as a G-Shock or diver watch but spending a little extra on a nice dress watch is a much more versatile option that can go with any outfit.

Gosling also rocks a classic pair of sunglasses in the film. He opts for a pair of Selima Optique “Chad” sunglasses.

They have a thick frame in tortoise with brown gradient lenses and two dots on the front of the frames. This is a twist on the classic wayfarer sunglasses.

ryan gosling and steven carell

See how well Ryan Gosling pairs a watch with a silver ring?

Notice how Gosling picked colors that complement his complexion and hair color while still allowing him to stand out?

This is exactly what you should do.

Try going for one of three main pillars of sunglasses: Wayfarer, Aviator or Club-Master. Any of these styles will match most faces and will look great on anyone.

From here, try experimenting with a ring (other than your wedding ring if you’re married) or a necklace of some type.

Try not to go overboard with accessories though. You can easily have too many and that is never a good thing. I wrote a great article about too many accessories that will help you here!

Always think simple but significant.


7. Ditch the White Dress Shirt (Sometimes)

While nothing can beat a crisp white dress shirt, Gosling and Carrell both show us in the film that it is okay to mix in other colors and even subtle patterns into your dress shirts.

Again, simple changes set you apart from the crowd.

It doesn’t have to be much but just a slight twist on the classic dress shirt color will go a long way.

ryan gosling stylish

We see Jacob (Gosling) wearing a black shirt under a grey jacket.

Make sure that you choose a dress shirt that you can look great in and that compliments the color of your suit.

Check out these tips to help any man look great in a dress shirt!

A good example is Carrell’s black dress shirt under his navy-blue suit. Gosling also rocks a very nice white shirt with dark navy stripes under his hunter green suit and a black shirt under his grey Prince of Wales 3-piece suit.


8. Add Texture to Your Wardrobe: Suede 

When we shop, most of us will play it safer when it comes to casual jackets. We typically opt for a dark-colored leather or cotton jacket. I challenge you to wear suede.

Suede can be a scary thing, but come on, you can handle it.

Don’t worry about the rain just try to check the weather before wearing one as the rain will obviously ruin the jacket.

Look at Carrell’s dark brown suede jacket in the film. It looks amazing in every scene he is wearing it in.

Suede is made by rubbing the fleshy side of the animal's hide.

Suede showcases more texture that will draw people towards you. It's a slight change but will help you stand out in the crowd of other gentlemen.

Try a dark brown or navy suede jacket. If you’re feeling more adventurous, try to go for a tobacco brown or a green suede.

Try sticking standard bombers, Harrington or trucker style jackets as this will be easier for most gentlemen to pull off.


9. A V-Neck is Your Friend

Gentleman, it's time to embrace the v-neck.

I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t want to show off that much chest.”

I get it; however, I think this is one area you should step out of your comfort zone and embrace.

Not only will this look build up your chest, but it is also an extremely versatile option.

A v-neck is a t-shirt that brings attention to the chest.

You can dress it up and you can dress it down. No matter how you wear it, it'll look great.

A man should go with a color that compliments his skin tone and hair color. Make sure you have the correct size as well. A man’s v-neck should not be too tight but also not too loose.

If you’re going to wear an undershirt under a sweater, make sure that it does not show underneath. Opt for a “deep-v” undershirt if you feel it is necessary.


10. Act Like You Don’t Overthink Things

One of the biggest factors of Ryan Gosling’s style in this film and it always looks effortless.

Now, obviously it isn’t.

crazy stupid love scene

Ryan Gosling is the only one here who looks totally at ease.

However, we’re not going to let anyone know that. Wear the clothes, don’t let them wear you.

At the end of the day, you have the knowledge and can use RMRS as a resource to help guide you through the world of style.


Ryan Gosling Style – Summary

  1. Confidence is key
  2. Fit is king
  3. Staying in shape
  4. Ditch the tennis shoes
  5. Mix up the colors
  6. Accessories are always necessary
  7. Ditch the white dress shirt
  8. Embrace suede
  9. A v-neck is your best friend
  10. Don't overthink it

There you have it, gentlemen! 10 style lessons from Crazy, Stupid, Love! It's a solid film with good style lessons to take away. I highly recommend it.


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