DMT Beauty Transformation: 6 Face Masks I Swear By
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6 Face Masks I Swear By

April 17, 2020DMT Beauty

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There’s nothing worse than buying a face mask that leaves you with mediocre results.

With so many masks on the market, it can get totally overwhelming. It’s so easy to try a bunch, and still not find one you love.

So to save you money and time, here are 6 of my go-to’s that have unbelievable results. While each product has a plethora of results, I broke them down into 3 major categories: glow, hydration and exfoliation.

So pick your poison, and give it a go! These do not disappoint.

Get That Glow

Steps to “Get That Glow.” Step 1 – hydration. Step 2 – your diet {some foods that lead to glowing skin are berries, avocado and cacao}. Step 3 – skincare. While clean and hydrated skin help you glow, these masks are the secret weapon to amplify it.

This Hanacure Mask is my ride or die. I always come back to it time and again. It removes impurities and increases collagen, leaving you with brighter skin after just one use. Repeat often for the best results. I love how it comes in a little kit, making me feel like I’m really giving myself an at-home facial.

Tata Harper is the leader in natural, non-toxic skincare. This product is great because it gives me all the benefits of an intense peel, without compromising my sensitive skin. I swear my face looks completely different 20 minutes after putting this on.

Ultimate Hydration

Moisturized skin is the first step to youthful skin. While some masks focus on extraction, these prioritize adding moisture even when my skin is at its driest. I especially like using these products when I have a long travel day or am stuck in a cooler climate.

This Bioderma mask is the most amazing bang for your buck. Also, if your skin gets irritated easily, this product is especially formulated for sensitive skin.

Have you ever tried an overnight mask? When my skin is especially craving hydration, I’ll treat it with a mask I leave on all. night. long. This overnight mask is my absolute go to. There is no better feeling than waking up in the morning with the most insanely smooth skin.

Exfoliation Station

Exfoliation is a critical part of skincare as it gets rid of any old skin, and reveals newer, brighter skin. It truly allows all your products to work their magic.

I love this pumpkin peel because I can leave it on for as little as 3 minutes and see instant results. It smells unbelievable and it feels so darn good on your skin, it’s a must try!

The Glycolic Peel Mask from Caudalie, a brand that makes one great product after the next, is ideal for fresh, glowing skin.
I love using this product before applying makeup because it gives me the perfect base of healthy skin.

Do you have a favorite face mask? Please share in the comments below!



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