DMT Beauty Transformation: Five Things I Do Before 8AM
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Five Things I Do Before 8AM

April 13, 2020DMT Beauty

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Very rarely will you find posts on my Instagram that take place before 8am.

That’s because I truly value my mornings and having a little down time before I clock in and start my day. I’m not going to lie and say that I don’t check my phone when I wake up, because I do. There is a daily check list of things I do from the moment I wake up, which is usually around 6:30am.

1. Drink Water

Immediately after turning my alarm off I reach for my bottle of water and chug. I’m always so parched in the morning and it’s become a healthy habit that I can’t quit.

2. Check my Schedule

After dusting the sleep from my eyes I will pop open my phone and run through what tasks I have to do that day so that I can mentally start to prepare. I’ll also check in with my email and *star* messages that are priority for me to reply to after 8am.

3. Spend quality time with June

This is the most important part of the day. Because we’re all in such great moods in the morning, this is usually when we get in some major bonding and snuggle time with June. We love our morning dance parties and play time. Once 8am hits, Grant and I switch into work mode so we truly savor this time.

4. Read the News

I go in phases with this one. Over the last several weeks I have turned this routine on and off again depending on my mood. If the news is going to ruin your day then I strongly advise against doing this until you’ve had a cup of coffee and are ready to process whatever information might come your way.

5. Have breakfast/smoothie

If it’s the weekend, we will cook breakfast later and enjoy it together as a family at 9am. On the weekdays, I’ll make a smoothie and have it while I’m starting my workday of emails, calls or mapping out our editorial calendar.

What are 5 things you always do before 8am?



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