DMT Beauty Transformation: June’s Room Transition from Infant to Toddler
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June’s Room Transition from Infant to Toddler

April 15, 2020DMT Beauty

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I never did a nursery reveal.

Leading up to June being born, I think I was just feeling very sensitive about her space and wanted to keep it private. Now that she’s walking all over the place and I’m posting videos on Instagram, I feel like most of you have caught clips of it from time to time. A lot of you have also asked a lot of questions about her crib, her dresser and other items in the her room so I finally decided to open up her doors and share.

Wanting to keep things super minimal, I also feared that you guys wouldn’t get a ton of inspiration from her room. When I originally designed the space, I spent a long time carefully selecting what went into the space. I did a ton of research on different mattress types, cribs, sheets, etc… Not only was it a really fun project to bury myself in, distracting from other non-fun pregnancy related symptoms, but I totally geeked out to learning a lot about noise machines, glider chairs, bedding and bumpers.

Speaking of bumpers: We only started using a bumper on June’s crib when she turned 1 year. It is very important to note that bumpers are not only a choking hazard, but your baby can use it as a pillow to step up and crawl out of the crib. We use our bumper for June so her pacifiers do not slip out and she likes to cuddle up with her bumper at night. She is at the age where this will not be a choking hazard. Also, we position her bumper down so it is pulled down with the mattress {hard to explain} so only about a 1/2 inch is showing around her. 

Okay, back to the good stuff: Because I did not work with an interior designer, I kept things very simple, clean and monochromatic so that we could build from a neutral palette as time moved on. The Shade Store was very helpful in assisting us with selection a soft and neutral tone for the drapes. I love how soft they are, but also how much they warm up the space. We ended up installing black out lining AND black out shades to get June’s room nice and dark for sleeping.

From 0-8 months

Here are a few photos from June’s room while she was still a newborn. Looking back at these photos makes me so sad by how quickly time has flown by.

An Absolute Must Have For The Early Days

If you have the space for it, an extra bed in the nursery is such a clutch essential in those early days of babyhood. We scored a beautiful day bed from Crate and Barrel that I absolutely love. My plan is to save it to use for June when she gets older. We eventually moved this bed into storage as June started sleeping through the night. Even if it’s a blow up mattress, your back will thank me later for telling you to invest in a place for you to sleep in the nursery.

The Crib & Glider

I have no regrets with the crib that we selected for June. I still absolutely love it. The crib, in my opinion, should be the first thing you select for the nursery and then you can build around it. I also have zero regrets on the Monte glider that we selected. I do wish that I’d gotten the matching foot stool. Originally we had a cute wicker pouf as a foot rest but it eventually got too ratty and beat up. I absolutely love this glider and have so many fond memories in it.


This quilt was in my baby room growing up and it was made by my great-great grandmother for my Dad. My parents brought it out for the nursery and it’s my favorite thing we have for her.

8+ months to Current

After June started sleeping through the night, we made a few slight adjustments to her nursery. I rearranged the furniture a bit when we took out the day bed. I also added a bookshelf {it’s earthquake retrofitted to the wall so it will not fall}. The bookshelf is from Room & Board and I love it because it not only holds all of June’s books in the bottom, but it’s perfect for our monitor and sound machine.

Cameras and Other Gadgets

Speaking of monitors, we use two different monitors for different reasons. The Infant Optics is the same piece of crap that everyone has been using for year’s. It breaks, it’s spotty and we don’t understand how the technology of this device hasn’t improved but we still use and love it. We like to use it when we are home, walking around the house and want eyes on June. Our secondary monitor is the Nanit which I absolutely love because you can check in on the baby from anywhere!

June has always slept with a sound machine and this is the most standard, easy to use, gadget we own. No fuss, no fanciness, just a solid piece of equipment.

June doesn’t really use a night light but I like this Skiphop Owl for when we are doing night time routine. We put the stars on while June is slowly winding down for the night and she loves starring up at them. We turn it off before bed. Important to note that the sound machine that’s on the device isn’t loud enough {in my opinion} to use alone.






June’s sheets are by 1212, the company I am a Creative Director for, and are 100% organic cotton! We also have a lot of their cozy blankets and, of course, June is always decked out in their clothing.

Dresser & Accessories

One of my favorite pieces in June’s room is her dresser. We scored this vintage inspired beauty from Pottery Kids which is where I source a lot of things for June’s room.

Keeping in tune with the light gray tones in her room, I chose this laundry basket from Restoration Hardware which feels more elevated than most. Baskets are such a must have for nurseries because they can hold toys, books and swaddles if you don’t have additional storage.

Another key accessory item we have and love for June are floor pillows. Pretty much any pillows at the moment and June thinks they are the best game ever. We have these wicker seat cushions scattered in various rooms of the house. I scored them from Amazon for only $32!

The original cloud mobile that we had for June was a cloud felt mobile from Restoration Hardware. We had it hanging above June’s changing table and as soon as she got big enough, she snatched it down causing it to break (ha!). Her new mobile acts more as an art feature in the corner of her room and is hung too high for her to reach it. I found this on Etsy and you can click here for the shop.

When it comes to art, we don’t really have a lot in June’s room. The accent wallpapered wall feature House of Hackney Artemis paper is kind of what I would consider her big art piece. We do, however, have a truly special art piece that my aunt Terri surprised us with after June was born. It’s a picture of the sky the night June was born and includes all of the details about her birth. I don’t know where she sourced it from – sorry! But I’m sure a good google search might find you answers.

(June is wearing 1212 and sneakers by Veja)

Overall, I think June’s room will always be evolving as she continues to grow. It’s been so fun to rearrange her furniture and add pieces as time goes on. Here are a few pieces that are included in this post:

Monte Como

Como Modern Nursery Glider Chair

It was a pricey purchase but this glider was worth every penny! My best friend had it in her nursery and I've been eyeing it for years.

Shop Now
Restoration Hardware

Parisian Side Table - Burnished Gold

I love this french style side table that we put next to the daybed. It's perfect to hold a bottle, your iPhone or a noise machine.

Shop Now
Cuddle and Kind

Lucy the Lamb

I'm obsessed with this brand of baby toys. Every purchase provides 10 meals to children in need.

Shop Now
Pottery Barn

Edward Floor Lamp

I love, love this lamp which has a hidden iPhone charger on the stand!

Shop Now

Are you designing a nursery and/or toddler room? We are some other key essentials that we don’t have in ours? Any good ideas? 



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