DMT Beauty Transformation: Should You Wear Make-Up During Quarantine?
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Should You Wear Make-Up During Quarantine?

April 29, 2020DMT Beauty

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It’s complicated.

There are certainly days and days and days in a row where I don’t wear make-up during quarantine. But then there are a few days hidden in the week where I slap on a few products and I have to say: It does a nice number for my mood. Whether I have a zoom call scheduled, or I’m just feeling a little down in the dumps, applying make-up once or twice a mood has been a key element in lifting my spirits.

There are three products I swear by that I’m wearing during this quarantine.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not wearing them every day. But on the days that I feel like adding a little something something to my face, I always grab for these three items.

Chanel Concealer

I’ve been using the same concealer for two, maybe three, years and I honestly can’t find anything that compares. This Chanel Concealer doesn’t cake on or leave creases. I also love that it’s just a little kiss lighter than my skin tone to wake me up on those super sleepy days. My shade is number 10-Beige.

A Tie For Brows

It’s a true tie between the Diorshow Brow Styler and Anastasia Brow Wiz Pencil. I honestly love both equally and it’s too hard to choose just one. I think that they apply slightly different depending on the way my skin is feeling {dry, oily etc.} that week. Drawing in my brows is absolutely essential when I’m putting on any make-up. Otherwise I look like a bald chihuahua.

My Absolute Must Have Foundation

This self adjusting foundation serum is easily one of my all time favorites. It’s perfect for summer too. It’s just a touch lighter than the natural shade of your skin and adjusts accordingly. It also has SPF. I swear by this product!

Looking to add more make-up to your routine? Itching for some new skincare solutions? Check out my full list of beauty favorites by clicking here. 



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