DMT Beauty Transformation: You Have 11 New Netflix Treats To Binge This Weekend — Here’s What’s Worth Watching
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You Have 11 New Netflix Treats To Binge This Weekend — Here’s What’s Worth Watching

April 17, 2020DMT Beauty

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Netflix has felt a little sleepy over the last few weeks since the explosive premiere of Tiger King. Well, those lethargic vibes end right now thanks to this week of new Netflix shows and movies

Out of the gate, three buzzy series will be competing for your eyeballs. First, there’s Outer Banks — the sun-drenched heir to The O.C.’s throne — which premiered on Wednesday, April 15. The new teen show swaps out the Cohens’ Southern Californian backyard in favor of the sandy shore of North Carolina’s Outer Banks island chain — and ups the intensity by 1,000. Friday, April 17, gives us Too Hot to Handle and #blackAF. The former is the latest must-see Netflix reality show; the latter is a comedy from the man behind Black-ish, Kenya Barris. 

However, that is not where this week’s Netflix flood ends. There is also a new film starring Knives Out favorite Ana de Armas, multiple foreign language films, and a pair of stand-up comedy specials. No matter what you’re looking to binge, you’ll find something in this lineup. 

These are all the new Netflix offerings broken down by plot, genre, and whether you should watch something immediately or skip for now. Keep reading for the lowdown on all of these Netflix treats, including their trailers.

Outer Banks (Season 1) 

Netflix premiere date: Wednesday, April 15

What is it?: One of two new Netflix shows about hot people near water

What is it about?: Hidden treasure. A missing father. A blind old woman chasing a bunch of teens around a spooky Victorian mansion. Chase Stokes’ hair. Outer Banks really does have everything. The YA thriller follows a group of working class North Carolina high schoolers nicknamed The Pogues as they attempt to find some much mythologized gold in their hometown.

The summer adventure pushes the crew to the brink of their relationships — and often lives — but also brings them closer than ever. 

See or skip?: See, to escape the stress of the day. Outer Banks is a truly fun, no-effs-given time.  

Too Hot to Handle (Season 1) 

What is it?: The other show about gorgeous people near open ocean. Something you will text your friends about for weeks.  

What is it about?: A group of international hotties who all think they’ve been cast on a series like Love Island — you know, one where they’ll shag to their heart’s content for a few weeks and then wait for the Instagram spon offers to roll in by premiere time. However, the tables get turned on the Hot cast soon after they arrive at their “retreat.” Rather than be rewarded for every smooch and hookup, the group will lose an unknown-until-it-happens amount of money from a $100,000 prize fund. 

The question is, can these sexed up babes fix their shallow ways for a small fortune? 

See or skip?: See. If the response to Love Is Blind and The Circle is any indication, you're going to have to watch Too Hot, if only to understand memes for the next two weeks. Thankfully, the series is also wildly bingeable. 

Once you get into the show, please tweet me your opinions of Haley. I could talk about the confusing villainy of Haley forever. 

#blackAF (Season 1) 

What is it?: Black-ish creator Kenya Barris’ first Netflix comedy. 

What is it about?: Kenya Barris playing Kenya Barris. #blackAF follows TV Kenya as he adjusts to life after “making it” with the kind of multimillion dollar Netflix development his real-life counterpart has. Now that Kenya is truly thriving, he becomes obsessed with how the white world views him and his sprawling family (both TV Kenya Barris and IRL Kenya Barris have six kids).

Yes, of course this sounds a lot like Black-ish

See or skip?: #blackAF is openly hostile toward its main character — and therefore its real-life creator. If watching that kind of self-evisceration sounds fun for you, see. 

If that tension sounds stressful, go live in the soft world of Black-ish. All six seasons are currently streaming on Hulu.


What is it?: The Blonde Ana de Armas movie. An emotional biopic. 

What is it about?: Sergio Vieira de Mello (played by Brazillian actor Wagner Moura), a real-life Brazilian U.N. diplomat during the early 2000s. In the movie, idealist Sergio agrees to go to Baghdad as a special representative of the U.N. during America’s controversial military activity in the country. For the U.S., Sergio’s deployment is a vanity project. For Sergio, it’s a truth-telling mission and an attempt to save the people of Iraq. 

As tensions rise, Sergio finds his own life on the line. 

See or skip?: See if you’re in the right headspace for a genuinely harrowing film. Otherwise, don’t feel guilty for skipping. 

Chris D'Elia: No Pain

Netflix premiere date: Tuesday, April 14

What is it?: Comedy from the guy who played Hendy on You

What is it about?: Stand-up Chris D’Elia — who also led NBC comedies Undateable and Whitney — asking whether comics really do need tragedy for their art. It’s a worthwhile question, since, as he explains in No Pain, D’Elia has enjoyed a very privileged and happy life. His parents even love him — like, a lot

See or skip?: A large portion of D’Elia’s opener is about him growling at a baby in a mall. Do you find that image hilarious? If so, see (I laughed).

The Innocence Files (Season 1)

Netflix premiere date: Wednesday, April 15

What is it?: A very necessary true crime docuseries. 

What is it about?: The Innocence Project, a non-profit dedicated to finding imprisoned victims of wrongful conviction and setting them free. Over nine episodes, Innocence Files takes you through every step involved in saving these innocent people, and uses interviews with inmates and Project lawyers to tell these painful stories. 

See or skip?: See, if you’re looking for a hearty series that will really make you think — and feel. 

Fauda (Season 3) 

Netflix premiere date: Thursday, April 16

What is it?: An Israeli thriller. 

What is it about?: Continuing the very intense tale of Doron Kavillio (Lior Raz). Doron is a family man who retired from the Israel Defense Force… only to be pulled back into the fight when he learns a major terrorist he thought he eliminated is actually alive. Fauda season 3 follows Doron as he enlists a boxer into his team’s latest mission after a months-long undercover operation takes a turn for the dangerous. 

See or skip?: If you’re particularly sad about Homeland’s upcoming series finale, jump into Fauda ASAP to limit the sting.

The Legacy of the Bones

What is it?: A Spanish-language detective movie. 

What is it about?: Creepy murders. A year prior to the events of Legacy of the Bones, protagonist and detective Amaia Salazar (Marta Etura) solved a series of chilling deaths in Northern Spain. Now, Amaia is pregnant and attempting to leave the demons of that period behind. Unfortunately, a brand new spate of horrific violence has pulled her back into the darkness — and Amaia's mother (Elvira Mínguez) is at the center of it. 

See or skip?: If you love CBS All Access’ Evil or Netflix’s Silence of the White City, see.


What is it?: A German-language con artist tale. 

What is it about?: Two friends named Viktor (David Kross) and Gerry (Frederick Lau), who start selling fake luxury items for exorbitant profits. Viktor and Gerry’s success almost obliterates the German real estate market. Betonrausch — or “Rising High” in English — is just a Jenga tower waiting to fall on its heroes. 

See or skip?: You can skip and wait for Shonda Rhimes’ own Netflix scammer story: her upcoming take on the Anna Delvey fiasco.

Earth And Blood

What is it?: A French-language drug drama. 

What is it about?: An unexpected — and wildly violent — confrontation between a sawmill owner named Saïd (Sami Bouajila) and the drug lord who hid stolen cocaine on his property. As Saïd takes on the cartel, his daughter Sarah (Sofia Lesaffre) is forced to flee for her safety. 

See or skip?: You can skip unless your hobby is watching men run around farms with guns. 

Mauricio Meirelles: Levando o Caos

Netflix premiere date: Thursday, April 16

What is it?: Portugese-language stand-up. 

What is it about?: Brazilian comedian Mauricio Meirelles working through his new life as a dad. 

See or skip?: It’s difficult to get into stand-up in a language outside of your comfort zone. However, Meirelles' opening jokes about watching international Netflix shows is wildly relatable. If anything, watch Levando o Caos just to know everyone around the world has the same streaming opinions as you. 

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