DMT Beauty Transformation: 5 Changes I’m Making to my Closet
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5 Changes I’m Making to my Closet

May 13, 2020DMT Beauty

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Is it just me or have you guys been inspired to make a great transformation in your life?

I partnered with ShopStyle and THAKOON to dive into a few key shifts I’ve been making as of late.

Aside from all of the cleaning I’ve been doing over the past two months around my house, I’ve started to shift toward making changes to myself. I’ve upped my workout game by pushing myself harder, I’m starting to eat better and take better care of myself and on top of it all I have started to take a hard look at my wardrobe.

It’s been so interesting how staying home has made me take a closer look at what I wear and how I present myself to the world. Honestly, I’ve learned a lot during this weird time and it’s allowed me to sit with myself a bit more and think hard about the things that do not serve my life.

As we are all about to start to reemerge into society {slowly}, I feel like everyone is thinking the same thing: closet cleanse. To prepare my wardrobe for a new season ahead {new season in more ways than one}, I’ve started to invest in timeless and elevated pieces from brands like THAKOON. After a two-year hiatus, this fashion industry veteran is bringing back his new line of wardrobe essentials.

I used to wear THAKOON all the time and have always been drawn to his beautiful aesthetic and design so I am thrilled to see him making a big come back. The timing is perfect too! I’ve been yearning for classic, new styles to incorporate into my closet.

THAKOON is offering an exclusive discount of 20% off using code: JACEY20 {valid for 90 days}


Rid The Waste

The first thing to do is take a hard look at the items in your closet and get rid of anything that no longer serves me. Ask yourself if this is the first thing you would want to wear if you were allowed to head out on that first dinner date. Or a wedding you were invited to. 


What's Your Color?

Mine is not yellow. So why do I have yellow in my closet? I shouldn't. I'm all about neutral colors and want to really hone in on any pops of color I choose to have in my closet. 


How Do You Feel?

If you really want to do a deep dive into your wardrobe, try on each and every piece you have hanging in it and ask yourself how it makes you feel. If the piece does not bring you joy, then it's probably not a good sign to keep it. 


Buy Quality Material

Moving forward, my goal is to invest in high quality clothing that use good materials like 100% cotton. Not only do the garments last longer, but they honestly feel better when you wear them. 


Define Your New Self

As we all enter back into a new normal, we can take this as a wonderful opportunity to hone in on what makes up our personal style. Give your style three words and if something in your closet doesn't fit with one of those three words, it's time to let it go.

Don’t get me wrong, my wardrobe has truly been one of the last things on my mind over the past few months. The world is going through such a crazy time, but editing your closet can also be a way to find your way back to yourself with the rest of the world feels out of balance.



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