DMT Beauty Transformation: What I’m Wearing at Home
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What I’m Wearing at Home

May 05, 2020DMT Beauty

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Been living that loungewear life 24/7 lately and I thought I’d share the pieces I truly cannot live without.

I hate to admit it, but getting dressed lately has been

Lunya Alpaca Sweatshirt & Pants SO many of you have written in asking about this sweatshirt and pant duo that you see on my IG Stories. Sadly they are sold out in most colors and sizes BUT everything by Lunya is truly fabulous. I also live in their restore pocket leggings. When in doubt, order a size up.

Favorite Leggings of All Time

I don’t know why Uniqlo calls these the Heat Tech legging because nothing about them keep  you warm {sorry Uniqlo}. These are hands down my favorite thing to wear at home. They are super duper light so I don’t over heat when sleeping and they aren’t too tight, aren’t too loose – they are just right! I wouldn’t wear these in public though, they’re kinda sheer. I have 3 pair in both gray and black and probably re-up on a new pair once a year. They are truly the best of the best and for only $20, you can’t get much better.

The Best Long Sleeve Tee

I don’t know when and where and how I discovered this perfect long sleeve tee by Velvet. I honestly think the brand gifted them to me but honestly, they are all I wear. I have one black and one white and I’m embarrassed by how often I wear them around the house. The weight is perfect and the material is incredibly soft.

My Favorite Layering Piece

I’m all about layers in the house. The one thing I’ll carry around with me morning, noon and night is my open cardigan by Filoro. You guys know that my love for Filoro runs deep. I carried their products in the ByDamsel store last year and I’m constantly sharing news about their new pieces. You simply cannot go wrong with $150 cashmere! It’s also a piece that you will wear post quarantine.

Simple Socks

I love wearing socks around the house and there is something about this simple Nike sock that makes all of my loungewear feel more on trend.

Sporty Sweats

I just recently ordered these Tory Sport sweats in navy and tan and I’m already so obsessed. They’re the perfect drawstring sweats and I love, love, love the fabric. I feel like these are definitely a piece that I can wear in public.

The sweater I’m wearing in the feature image is super old and is by Smythe. Sadly it’s sold out everywhere.

What are your favorite pieces to wear while at home?




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