DMT Beauty Transformation: Quarantine Sex Stories From Real People
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Quarantine Sex Stories From Real People

June 26, 2020DMT Beauty

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It's been over 105 days since the World Health Organization officially labeled coronavirus a pandemic. That's a long time to be cooped up and stressed out. At this point, people really need to blow off steam, and the New York City Health Department knew just how many of them were going to do it. With sex

That’s why, towards the beginning of the month, they put out a “take care during sex” list of guidelines that the internet deemed officially “kinky.” They recommended wearing a face covering during your flings, noted that masturbating six feet apart could be fun, and basically endorsed the “glory hole,” writing in a press release, “Be creative with sexual positions and physical barriers, like walls, that allow sexual contact while preventing close face to face contact.” 

Dating experts have been giving out similar advice throughout the pandemic, including Gabi Levi, a "sexpert" who runs the erotica site Shag Story

“If you and your partner must touch, being smart about it is so important,” she tells Refinery29. “This is especially true if they are a totally new dating partner you've met on an app. You have no idea where people have been, so safety is key.” She recommends not kissing, holding hands with gloves on, and agrees that the “safest way to have sex is really through a glory hole,” explaining that “COVID is a respiratory issue that most easily gets people sick through the nose and mouth."

But the little Carrie Bradshaw inside me couldn’t help but wonder if people were actually following these rules. I decided to put out a call and ask people how they’d been getting it on as of late. Their responses were raw, honest... and, let's be real, kind of sexy.

"My husband and I have been interested in the potential of non-monogamous fun for a while now. We decided to take the spare time we had in quarantine to dip our toes in online.
"I got a Tinder Account and started a few conversations. One of them, I enjoyed quite a bit more than I expected, so we moved our chatting to a more photo-friendly app. It's the first time I've sexted with someone other than my husband and I've found it really exhilarating.
"Since Tinder Passport was allowing everyone to match with people all over the world during the pandemic, I chose New York City, a location far from me. That ensured unfamiliar faces and put me more at ease. A lot of the chats revolved around what we'd like to do if our interactions were in-person. It surfaced all kinds of fantasies I didn't know I had!" - Kate, Indianapolis, IN 

"I am all about self pleasure during quarantine. As a ritual, it is a beautiful practice and can be thought of as a meditation and act of self-love and self-connection. Think of all the foreplay you can invite into your life! A candlelit bath. A strawberry to touch to your lips. Prepare your favorite drink or snack for an after reward. Set the mood, the music, the lighting.

"I like to start with coconut oil and rub it from the tips of my toes into a deep tissue leg massage. I then move into the inner thigh and really spend some time there caressing myself. Then I lubricate my finger and start to rub it around the lips of my vagina. After this massaging continues for a while, I introduce my vibrator.” - Dana, Queens, NY
"I met a guy online and we had phone sex and video sex but after being in quarantine for several weeks, I really wanted human touch. We decided to meet up to have sex and agreed beforehand that we’d do it with masks on and doggy style to be safe." - Anonymous, Austin, TX

"My two neighbors and I have been hanging out during quarantine because there’s nothing else to do. One night, we had some drinks and the next thing you know, we started making out. One thing led to the next and we had sex outside on the back patio. It was pretty amazing." - Anonymous, Los Angeles, CA 

"I am in a long-term relationship, but we don't live in the same area. Since we could no longer go out on dates, we improvised. We went out on Taco Truck dates, and that turned into a fun adventure.
"We drove to our favorite taco truck. He got out (donning a mask of course) and got our favorite street tacos (chicken for me and carnitas for him). Then we drove to a beautiful park, got in the backseat of his truck (he has tinted windows). We enjoyed our meal, laughing and just being together. Then he got romantic, and we started making out like teenagers. Pretty soon those tinted windows came in handy, as you cannot see in.

"We had wild, kinky sex in the tight space. It was so exciting and forbidden, and that made it even more fun. So our COVID-19 sex lit a new flame of passion and adventure." - Candee, Sacramento, CA

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