DMT Beauty Transformation: We really need to do something about these problems…
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We really need to do something about these problems…

June 24, 2020DMT Beauty

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A few weeks ago, I asked you, my RMRS community, about your biggest struggle that drove you to change your style.

Well, the response has been overwhelming!

We received almost 1,000 answers, and we truly appreciate the time that you guys took to fill out the survey. It’s been quite enlightening and eye-opening.

As we pored through each and every response (yes, we read each one!), there was one struggle that clearly stood out among the rest.

In fact, it was such a glaring issue that I felt we needed to do something about this problem, pronto.

Watch this video to find out what that issue is and what we’re doing about it:

This is one of the most important videos I’ve released, because it talks specifically to what YOU have asked for, and I’m super excited to bring it to you!

I’ve even brought on a special guest with a harrowing story, and how he was able to overcome some of the same struggles you’re facing.

Make sure to watch it now — you’ll come away with some valuable insights and inspiration to come out of the post-pandemic world.

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