DMT Beauty Transformation: 4 Things You Need For Fall
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4 Things You Need For Fall

August 24, 2020DMT Beauty

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I cannot believe I’m saying this, but fall is just around the corner.

This year has been insane and I don’t know about you, but I could not be more ready for a change of season. Since we’ve been cooped up more this year than most, I’m looking forward to lighting the fireplace, busting out some s’mores and getting all sorts of cuddled up.

While our fall my feel a bit different, there are still a few key pieces that I think everyone needs to invest in for the upcoming season.

Chelsea Boots

Apparently I’ve been living under a rock. Is it just me or do you guys know about Blundstone boots? The brand was established in 1870 in Tasmania and have an iconic, rugged look that I’m obsessed with. I discovered them randomly on Pinterest and have immediately added them to my Amazon cart.

Quilted Vest

There’s nothing that screams fall more than a green quilted vest. I ordered this super affordable one a few weeks ago and it’s top notch in quality. A quilted vest is the quickest way to bring your wardrobe up to fall speed because you can easily layer it over a simple long sleeve t-shirt.

Super Cozy Sweater Dress

I couldn’t be happier to share that my all time favorite oversized sweater dress is back! It sold out so quickly last year so I strongly suggest snatching this up while you have a chance.

Rain Boots

Or are they snow boots? Either way I’m the biggest fan of Sorel and spotted this new style recently and had to have them!




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