DMT Beauty Transformation: Luxe Hand Sanitizers
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Luxe Hand Sanitizers

August 12, 2020DMT Beauty

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In addition to the newest accessory many of us are wearing lately {masks} there’s an extra item that we’re all carting around in our handbags that deserves some much needed attention: hand sanitizer!

Don’t get me wrong, we have Purel stashed all over the house, but when it comes to a socially distanced gathering or meeting, I have been paying extra close attention to hand sanitizers that make keeping clean feel a little luxe.

It’s the little things, am I right?

Santa Maria Novella Gel & Spray

I love love love this sanitizing duo from Santa Maria Novella. Their scents have always been some of my favorites, so it was no surprise that the Cleansing Spray and Hand Gel are my newest bag staples.

Byredo Rinse Free Hand Wash

Byredo can do no wrong. This Rinse Free Hand Wash is everything I love about Byredo- the scents are unreal, your hands feel moisturized and clean, and you get to carry a little bit of luxe around all day.


These Touchland sanitizers are fantastic. There’s a bunch of different scents to choose from and they all leave your hands feeling fresh and clean. Not to mention they’re affordable and can fit into any purse you’re carrying.

Susanne Kaufmann Hand Purif-I Spray

I’m a huge fan of pretty much everything from Susanne Kaufmann and I never take a bath without the Bath Oil– so I have no doubts that the Hand Purif-I Spray is amazing.

What’s your sanitizer of choice?



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