DMT Beauty Transformation: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale | What I Already Own and Love
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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale | What I Already Own and Love

August 09, 2020DMT Beauty

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. And in that time, I went from awkward outsider to becoming somewhat of an expert on the sale—okay, maybe "expert" is too strong a word, but I do have some experience at this point. So I wanted to share my tried-and-true favorites for those of you who might be new to the sale and are working with a tight budget, because I totally GET IT. No hype, just help. Here are a few of the items I already own and love from the sale, plus links to the exact (or very similar items) being offered in this year's sale.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale | What I Already Own and Love


I live in Connecticut and I'm always cold, so for me it's worth it to spend a little extra on sweaters. I just want them to be warm, cozy and flattering. Nordstrom is famous for carrying everyone's favorite cardigans in hard-to-find colors like faded blush pink and camel brown. I've had great luck with the cardigans by BP and Leith, and they are all mostly under $40. Regular and plus-sizes linked below:


Whether you're looking for designer denim or just affordable jeans, the Nordstrom Sale is a great time to shop. I really love their Wit & Wisdom brand. They have a built-in elastic waist that's extremely comfortable and prevents your jeans from sagging. Yay! They also launder beautifully. My Articles of Society jeans are some of my most asked-about pairs. They have just the right amount of distressing and fit so well. Linking up my exact pairs below:


Shoes are one area where it always pays to spend a little more for quality and style. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is where I picked up my Hunter boots, Ugg sneaker boots and everyday taupe ankle booties. I get asked about these shoes the most, year-round. Unfortunately, the Uggs never restocked so if you see a pair you want, get it during the sale. I watched prices all year and didn't see the Hunters or the Uggs drop to NSale prices in the same style or with the same availability of sizes, so again, grab these during the sale. You won't regret it! Linked up my exact Hunters plus some very similar boot styles:


I don't shop the home decor during the Nordstrom Sale much, however, I'll be grabbing a Barefoot Dreams blanket this time. I got one as a gift and it is seriously the coziest thing I've ever owned. I can't sleep without it (did I just admit that on the Internet?!) These totally live up to the hype!

So those are my top pieces that I have owned and loved for years now. I'll do another post highlighting new pieces I'm looking to buy. I usually like to get one new piece of jewelry—nothing expensive, just something for everyday wear. And this year, I will be taking a pass on the cheap fleece and will probably "splurge" on a Patagonia fleece instead. I might restock on some basic tees, too. Other than that, I'm not planning on buying too much. Early access for credit cardholders starts August 13 and public access begins August 19th.


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