DMT Beauty Transformation: The Best Matching Sets for Quarantine
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The Best Matching Sets for Quarantine

August 21, 2020DMT Beauty

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We are back at it again with none other than the quarantine staples.

When I’m not roaming around in my favorite athleisure, you will certainly find me in my matching sets. Even in the late summer months, I’ve been known to throw on a full sweatpants and hoodie situation.

Now this isn’t going to be matching flouncy floral skirts and tops {although those are feminine and adorable}. This is strictly sweat sets. These are everything right now. They’re the easiest and coolest street style {ahem – house style}. Here are a few of my favorites.

The Shorts Set

With the heat wave in LA, this is pretty much the only sweatsuit I’m sporting at the moment. I love this take on a traditional tracksuit. It can be dressed up with some sandals or cool sneakers, and alternatively worn around the house, even as pajamas. This super affordable option comes with a matching mask – very with-the-times and very cute.

The Oversized Set

I think this is my favorite type of matching set. It’s one of the most comfortable things in my closet and somehow also has a kind of cool girl vibe to it. Les Tien is a true blogger favorite. They even have an ombre option {still subtle and chic} if you’re feeling fun. And of course the Hanes men’s set {size down!} is the casual throwback we all need.

The Simple Set

And here we have the classic, tailored jogger set. You really can’t go wrong with this simple set in any color. So perfect for travel {road trips at the moment!} or lounging with the family at home. I also love this sporty shorts version that would be perfect with a basic white tank underneath.

The Sustainable Set

We are all trying to be more conscious consumers and here’s a new favorite. Have you heard of Entireworld yet? If you haven’t, prepare to see this brand everywhere. They have classic, tailored sets that sell out so fast – everyone is obsessed.


The Fun Set

Not a whole lot cooler than a vibrant hoodie and sweatpants combo. I live in neutrals and even I own a pink sweatsuit. This is a fun way to infuse color into an otherwise basic wardrobe.

The Cropped Set

This breezy option is another pick for the August heat. The cropped set is understated and effortlessly stylish. I think it would be so adorable and very weather-friendly paired with a pair of flip-flops.

What have you been ‘living in’ at the moment?



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