DMT Beauty Transformation: 10 Small Ways to Make a Big Change for the Climate
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10 Small Ways to Make a Big Change for the Climate

September 28, 2020BruceDayne

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I’m worried about the planet, are you?

From hurricanes to fires, to heatwaves and cold spells, it’s become increasingly difficult to avoid the very real issue of climate change, the consequences of which are devastating communities across the world.

We are really good at avoiding issues when the repercussions of them don’t feel like they are directly affecting us. However, climate change impacts everyone.

So what do we make of all of this?

It can feel very daunting, but little tweaks we make in our everyday routine can make a big impact. So start small – your dollar is your vote for change.

Shopping small is always a sustainable option. But big brands are making waves as well. I am so proud of the brands we work with for doing their part. Boll & Branch prioritizes the planet through the entire production process. They ship their materials, instead of flying them in, and source organic cotton, which does away with harmful pesticides. Amazon has launched a 2 Billion Dollar Climate Pledge Fund. I of course recognize that fast fashion and larger companies take a toll, but these businesses are also trying to make a difference, and for that I am thankful.

In addition to all of this, I have rounded up 10 of my favorite little ways to make a big difference. Let’s do this together.


Eat The Food You Buy

It is so easy to waste food, but I have found that planning out my meals ahead of time {or just kind of getting an idea of what I'll cook} gives me a better sense of how much I need when I'm in the store. So much energy goes into producing food {packaging, shipping etc.}. I also try to be mindful about the amount of meat I consume, as that has one of the greatest impacts.


Resell / Donate / Give Away Old Clothes

This is a biggie for me. I always donate pass along, or sell clothes when I'm ready to get rid of them. This is an easy {and fun} way to reduce manufacturing and waste. This models a 'Sharing Economy,' which can also be applied to sharing cars, as well as other goods and services. 





Shop and consume mindfully. 


Inflate Your Tires

This is very easy and something I've never really thought about before. Under-inflated tires reduce your gas mileage. With better gas mileage, you need less fuel, and subsequently less carbon-dioxide gets released into the environment. 



Bring Your Own Bags

Bring your own bags to the grocery store. Simple as that!



Vote for people and policies that benefit and protect the environment. 


Take Advantage of Natural Light

Not only is natural light way more pleasant than harsh indoor lighting, it also makes a great impact on our electricity use. So next time you're needing to brighten up a room, think about starting with opening the windows.



Even if your phone is fully charged, the plug in the wall is still using energy. This wasted energy can be eliminated by simply pulling the plug on chargers whenever they're not in use.


Reduce Water Waste

There are so many ways to do this. Start by making sure to turn off the water while brushing your teeth or scrubbing your face.


Eliminate Junk Mail

Use these two websites to reduce unsolicited mail: and Additionally, do you still get your internet or phone bill my mail and just throw it out anyway? It's easy to switch your preferences to just receiving digital copies of your bills. 

Every little thing counts, and collectively we can work towards change.

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