DMT Beauty Transformation: 5 Designer Home Decor Hacks
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5 Designer Home Decor Hacks

September 18, 2020BruceDayne

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I don’t know about you but I get the urge to add new decor touches to my home just as much as I do my wardrobe.

And season after season I’m always looking for quick and easy ways to mix things up around the house. Around this time every year, I’m usually heading to New York for fashion week. It’s an opportunity for me to get to see all of my favorite designers and their latest collections. Lowe’s is doing things a little differently this year and bringing NYFW home with their “Fashion Week Goes Home” project.

I thought this was a brilliant idea! Lowe’s has teamed up with designers Rebecca Minkoff, Christian Siriano and Jason Wu to select home decor pieces inspired by their clothing collections. It’s a quick and easy way to inject some newness into your home without breaking the bank.

And because I love a good home decor hack, I’m sharing key styling tips for your home if you are looking to hit refresh.

Click here to shop the Fashion Week Goes Home collection at Lowe’s. 

1. The Pillow Punch

A very easy way to elevate your pillow game is with the pillow punch hack. After you’ve fluffed up your pillow, give the top middle section a little punch down to create a v-shape. This is a simple design technique that all interior decorators use to style out rooms.

2. Lots of Layers

Use extra throw blankets and quilts to layer on beds, sofas and chairs. It’s a similar way in which we layer up for fall with our wardrobes, but you are doing it with your home decor. Try playing with different textures too.

3. Rotate Elements

Often times I feel like a room can feel stuck. Any time this happens I go through my entire house and switch up pillows, blankets and other decor elements and rotate the pieces to other rooms of the house. I’ll also try and get creative with mixing up artwork. Even if a piece feels off in the space I’ll move things around just to try something new.

4. Switch Out Simple Things

If you are really looking to pack a punch but not spend a fortune on changing up your home decor, a very easy way is by replacing old cabinet pulls. I love these bar pulls from Lowe’s and you can easily apply them to a dresser, a kitchen cabinet or even the bathroom cabinet to change up the entire feel for your space.

5. Must Have Greenery

A little bit of floral and greenery touches goes a very long way. Any time I have my interior decorator come to the house for a shoot, she brings in a ton of greenery to play with. Think of florals and plants as the jewelry to your room. Be sure to have plenty of vases to play with which will allow you to break up one floral arrangement into multiple rooms.

What are some of your home decor hacks? Leave a comment below!

Special thank you to Lowe’s for partnering on this post. 



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