DMT Beauty Transformation: Fall Outfit Ideas When It Doesn’t Feel Like Fall
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Fall Outfit Ideas When It Doesn’t Feel Like Fall

September 15, 2020DMT Beauty

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There’s a heat wave blasting across America.

Or is it just Los Angeles? Either way, when September 1st hit I was so amped up to start busting out my sweaters just as the temperatures amped up over 100 degrees. To say it’s been hot in LA is an extreme understatement. But that isn’t stopping me from making my best attempt towards incorporating some fall style into my outfits.

Thankfully, I’m working from the comfort of my air conditioned help {praise be} and blasting my new Dyson fan so I feel okay wearing a sweater from time to time.

Here are a few outfit ideas that may inspire you to start incorporating fall pieces into your wardrobe without dressing in head to toe heavy knits and fleece-lined tights.

1. Light Sweater with Shorts

I never felt comfortable mixing a sweater with shorts until I moved to Los Angeles and now it’s just a very normal thing that I do here. You will often see girls wearing sandals with shorts and a sweater and I honestly don’t think twice about it. I particularly love this striped sweater because it’s super duper light weight and boxy so it doesn’t cling to you in suffocation.

2. Easy Color Tones

Rather than shifting immediately towards burgundy, brown and darker fall colors, an easy way to make the shift into fall while it may still feel warm out is by mixing in some neutral colors. Just like wearing a chunky knit with shorts, you can also pair a light toned sweater with a skirt and sandals for a dinner al fresco or mid-day social distancing meeting. I particularly love the color of this sweater and cotton is always a great option for warmer days.

3. A Plaid Blazer

One of the easiest ways to ramp up your fall style game is by investing in a strong plaid blazer but it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. I am obsessed with this one in coffee because the color-way screams autumn. You can pair this blazer with a white t-shirt and be ready to rock those zoom calls.

4. Fall Hats

Another quick and easy way to bring in some fall love to your style game is with a fall hat. I’m sure a lot of us {present party included} can appreciate hiding our grown out roots. Even if you’re pairing a fall colored hat with a white t-shirt, it’s a simple and easy way to look the part.

5. A Light Trench

Trench coats can be supremely light weight and serve as an amazing opportunity to layer in a piece of fall on an otherwise warm-ish afternoon. Even when temps reach the 80’s, I always find that tossing on a trench over my shoulder feels appropriate in September.

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