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Pretty Pottery

September 07, 2020DMT Beauty

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I must admit that I have a bit of an obsession with beautiful pottery, especially when it comes to plates, bowls, pitchers and vases. My ever growing collection fills our kitchen shelves with colorful patterns and warm hues. Some of my favorite pieces were brought home from past travels, making them all the more sentimental. One of the things I enjoy most about pottery is mixing and matching pieces to create a new setting or to refresh to a room. Below is a selection of pretty pottery that I know you will enjoy adding to your collection this season.

colorful ceramic pottery
colorful ceramic pottery

Patterned Vase

This beautiful vase from Themis Z is perfect for holding fresh cut flowers or to brighten up an entry table or favorite shelf.

Ceramic Bowl

Delicate daisies add a soft touch to this ceramic bowl, useful for storing anything from small kitchen items to loose jewelry on your nightstand.

Floral Egg Tray

This unique ceramic egg carton adds a feminine touch to your fridge in a lovely blue and white floral pattern.

colorful ceramic pottery
colorful ceramic pottery
colorful ceramic pottery
colorful ceramic pottery

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