DMT Beauty Transformation: The Stylist's Morning Routine
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The Stylist's Morning Routine

September 16, 2020DMT Beauty

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I need a strong coffee.

I'll make either an iced espresso or an oat milk cortado, both of which I make using my Nespresso machine. Sometimes I'll grab a cold brew from a local coffee shop if I go out for a morning walk.

And I like a solid breakfast.

Lately it's been a homemade egg McMuffin. But after a night of drinking, I need an everything bagel, cold brew and orange juice from my corner coffee shop.

Carving out calm, work-free “me time” is vital.

That free time before 10 is the most important part of my morning. Even if I have time-sensitive things I have to work on, I don't blast through or skip the free time block. If I'm feeing anxious about needing to use my free time for work, I take it as a signal that I need to reevaluate the projects and timelines I've given myself.

I've come to learn that you fill the time you're given. If I have seven hours to do work, I'll find seven hours worth of work to do. If I give myself 12 hours, I miraculously have 12 hours of work to do. It's dangerous to let work leech into your free time, especially when you work for yourself.

I schedule almost everything.

From writing blocks and client calls to dates with my wife ... it's all slotted into my calendar. And then I make a short checklist in Apple Notes that I use during the day.

Fitness is extremely important to me.

My apartment building has an amazing gym, and when it was still open I would normally go down and do my workout about an hour after coffee and breakfast. I'm a morning workout person. I know after mentally draining myself with creative work, the last thing I want to do at night is workout.

But since COVID, it's been a huge challenge for me, especially since I work from home and have a small studio. It's made me realize the mental benefit of going to a physical gym. Thankfully, I have a personal trainer, Chris Coulson, who programs my nutrition and workout for me, so I usually follow what he gives me.

But I've learned to have a bit more empathy for myself during these times and have accepted that some of my goals—like fitness—have to take a backseat.



, Khareem Sudlow

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