DMT Beauty Transformation: What Should Men Wear in Fall? – 10 Practical (But Stylish) Ideas
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What Should Men Wear in Fall? – 10 Practical (But Stylish) Ideas

September 08, 2020DMT Beauty

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Believe it or not, Fall is just around the corner.

Fall is funny like that, it'll sneak up on you and all of sudden the leaves are falling and the temperature is dropping.

The hardest part is knowing exactly what to wear during this “in-between” season.

It's okay we still have time before fall and I can get you sorted.

practical clothing pieces for men

In this article, I am going through the 10 practical fall clothing pieces that 99% of guys don't own but should!

Let's get started.

Click here to watch – 9 PRACTICAL Pieces Of Clothing That 99% Of Guys Don't Own


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10 Stylish Mens Fall Clothing Ideas – Contents

  1. Moccasin Work Boots
  2. Suede Boots
  3. Neck Gaiter
  4. Men's Corduroy Trouser
  5. Shearling Lined Men's Jacket
  6. Men's Mechanical Watch/Solar Watch
  7. Flap Cap
  8. Men's Shirt Jacket
  9. Dress Overcoat
  10. Moleskin Trousers

1. Moccasin Work Boots

The first practical piece of clothing on this list is the moccasin work boot. This durable option is great for any yard work you may need to do or even to wear in a casual setting.

moccasin work boot

The history of the Moccasin boot stems back to Native American culture. The word itself comes from native language and was a generalization of all native footwear.

Every Native American tribe had their own style of moccasin with varying seams and soles. Original moccasins were hand sewn from deer hide with added decorative fringe and colors.

Native clothing did not interest European settlers; however, the one hold over in modern moccasin work boots is the “U-shaped” toe box. The toe box of boots at this time were so large because modern-day foot care had not been yet established.

Flashing forward to the 1950s, Red Wing were the first to use this iconic toe box in boot form. Named the Irish Settler Boots, these moccasin work boots were used for outdoor wear and hunting. The name “Irish Settler Boots” stems from the original orange color of these boots being so similar to the coat of Irish Setter dogs.

The large and raised toe-box served as a protective layer for the factory workers as it would keep falling materials from ever hitting the wearer’s actual toe.


In addition to the large toe-box, moccasin work boots feature no heel and a thick sole. This adds to the overall comfort of the boot.

Whether you’re a blue collar worker or looking for a new casual option in footwear, you have to check these out.

2. Men's Suede Boots


Suede boots are a very practical piece of clothing for men in the fall.

Suede is a clothing material that’s a specialized form of leather. It shares many properties with leather but the main difference is that it is softer than leather.

Originally used as a material in women’s gloves that had been imported from France or Sweden, jackets, bags, furniture and shoes are all made from the material today.


As you can see above, leather comes from the outer skin of an animal whereas suede is made using the corium (split grain) which is the layer underneath the skin.

Suede is noticed by women and there is no better place to use this than in a footwear.

Interestingly, suede is still not worn as commonly as leather which gives the material elegance, luxury and attitude. Suede is often seen as a status symbol today and is extremely versatile.

The worry with a lot of men is that you will have to baby these shoes but, that's just not true anymore.

Suede has come a long way and there are tons of weather-resistance and weather-proof options that require little to no maintenance.

The most you will have to do is invest in an actual suede brush to help clean them occasionally. Click here to see my complete guide to suede care! 

3. Men's Neck Gaiter

You may not be familiar with what a neck gaiter is exactly but you might be familiar with its predecessor: the silk scarf and the bandanna.

slick gaiter neck gaiter

Invented in 1982, neck gaiters are essentially a tubular bandanna. It features a closed tube of fabric which can be useful for covering your ears, face, nose, throat and head. Another name for a neck gaiter can be a buff.

Neck gaiters have the same effect as scarves just with more versatility. Neck gaiters provide insulation to your neck and face which can keep you warm. They also can be used in the spring or summer to keep your neck and face cool.

Because of its practical uses, Neck gaiters are very popular with backpackers, cyclist, fisherman, and even military personnel. In fact, neck gaiters were often used by military officials to differentiate different units and armies.

A neck gaiter fits perfectly in the middle of a bandanna and a scarf. While a bandanna is perfect for warmer weather and a scarf is perfect for colder weather, a neck gaiter can do both for you.

4. Corduroy Trousers

Corduroy (or a version of it) has been around since ancient Egypt and there is no better time than now to re-embrace this classic material.

corduroy pants mens

The roots of corduroy are in the ancient Egyptian city of Al-Fustat. Fustian is the fabric that is believed to be the predecessor of corduroy. Fustian was originally woven with a warp of linen thread and a “woof” of thick cotton.

It featured a heaviness that corduroy does but it did not feature any of the raised cords. Historians believe that corduroy was imported into Britain in 1774 as a newspaper made mention of the import.

The popularity of corduroy was at its peak in the 1970s. It’s durable & economical while luxurious and functional at the same time. It looks good dressed up or dressed down.

The design of modern-day corduroy is done by weaving extra sets of fiber into the base fabric to form vertical ridges called wales. The wales are built so that visible lines can be seen where they are cut into the pile.

There are two primary types of cords which include: Standard Wale and Pin Cord. Standard Wale has 11 wales per inch. Pin Cord is a finer cord with more than 16 wales per inch.

The easiest way to incorporate corduroy is in a pair of trousers. The best part is that cords are not as heavy as they used to be. They are primarily made out of cotton or wool.

With today’s modern manufacturing techniques, corduroy trousers are lighter and more flexible than ever. You can get cords in almost any color but I would recommend going with an earth tone.

james bond in no time to die corduroy

James Bond wears corduroy because it can take a beating as you can see.

If you like the trousers, you can branch out to jackets in corduroy as well. James Bond himself not only wears a tan corduroy suit but also a pair of grey corduroy trousers in the upcoming film No Time to Die!

5. Shearling Lined Jacket

Shearling jackets have a long a rich history in menswear and are a great men's fall clothing idea to keep you warm in the fall months.


Before shearling was used, sheepskin was used in the Stone Age to cover oneself because it was light, soft and still warm. As time went on, shearling became a status symbol from the Iron Age through the Victorian Era.

Shearling jackets have an amazing history with the military as well. During World War II, American and European pilots took to the sky in shearling-lined bomber jackets. The iconic B-3 jacket became standard issue for US and British pilots in 1934.

fighter pilots in shearling jackets

Shearling jackets helped the pilots stay warm as the planes of this time were still made with an uninsulated aluminum. Pilots would often reach sub-zero temperatures and the shearling kept them warm.

Shearling Jackets have always been a niche staple of menswear being worn by Robert Redford, Steve McQueen and Sylvester Stallone. Ryan Gosling even wore a shearling-lined trench coat in Blade Runner 2049.

From trucker jackets to overcoats, shearling jackets come in all shapes and sizes. You can’t really go wrong with any that you pick — choose what jacket type fits your style best and find a version with a shearling lining.

sherpa jacket mens fall clothing idea

If you like the look of shearling but don’t want to spend so much, you also have the sherpa jacket as a cheaper alternative. Sherpa is made from a polyester (fleece) material and is often called “faux-shearling.”

From rugged, ready-to-wear coats to luxurious, fashionable jackets, shearling and sherpa jackets can take on the cold night of fall in style.

6. Mechanical or Solar Watch

Gentleman, a reliable watch is a necessity. Not only is it stylish but it is practical as the days get shorter.

automatic mens watches

There are tons of automatic mens watches at different price ranges.

I recommend going with either a mechanical or solar watch. I would not recommend a quartz watch. Quartz runs on a battery power as opposed to your own movement or the sun and the batteries always fail when you least expect it.

Automatic watches are run by a mainspring which must be wound by hand or via an automatic winding mechanism. The automatic winding mechanism will wind the watch as you move throughout the day ensuring your watch never dies.

Solar watches are powered by a solar cell. These watches work really well for men who are going to be outside a lot during the day.

The first solar-powered watch was made in the 1960s and was named “Synchronar 2100.”

Both sunlight and artificial light are absorbed by the solar panel behind the crystal of your watch. The solar panel converts the light into electrical energy to power the watch. It will store extra energy in a rechargeable cell to power itself during the night.

mens solar watches

Solar watches have come a long way and often it is hard to tell that they are powered by the sun.

Which ever you choose make sure you understand exactly what you're getting into before you spend a lot of money on a timepiece.

I created the ultimate checklist for buying a watch that you need to read before buying a new watch. Click here to check out my Men’s Guide to Buying a Watch! 

7. Flat Cap/Newsboy Hat

Having been around for centuries, the flat cap is a great alternative to standard baseball caps.

david beckham peak blinders

The newsboy style hat has been worn by many celebrities.

The popularity of the flat cap skyrocketed in the 16th century when the British Parliament wanted to increase wool consumption and mandated that all non-noble men must wear a wool hat on Sundays and holidays or face a large fine.

Can you imagine if a government did that today?!

This headwear became very popular for the working class in Europe and eventually migrated across the pond to the United States where working class men would also favorite this hat.

It was in the United States that the term “newsboy” originated. This was due to most boys wearing the hat while selling newspapers on the streets. As the Great Depression happened, flat caps fell out of popularity but have never fully disappeared.

When choosing a flat cap or newsboy hat, it's extremely important to nail not only the fit but also the construction. Often men get a flat cap that does not flatter their head or face shape.

mens flat cap

It is important to make sure your flat cap is constructed in wool, tweed or cotton. Stay away from leather and denim as they are not traditional materials used in flat caps and often look strange.

Another tip when choosing a flat cap it to make sure that you choose a natural composition. This will give you the best insulation and breathability.

Also, keep the style of the flat cap classic. Avoid overly bold logos or multi-patterned caps.

8. Men’s Shirt Jacket (“Shacket”)

Sometimes nicknamed a “shacket,” the shirt jacket is a very practical men's fall clothing idea.

mens shirt jacket

The origins of the shirt jacket harken back to the military fatigue shirt. This sturdy cotton over-shirt was worn during WWII. This gave the soldiers more protection and more pockets for supplies. It also helped soldiers brave the elements better without getting overheated.

Today, shirt jackets can be made out of a canvas or cotton like the military fatigue shirt and can also be made out of denim, wool, suede and even a quilted style.

The quilted style is harkens back to traditional British hunting wear and could be a very good option for you to embrace.

If you’re not feeling as adventurous though, you could just go with a standard military style shirt jacket in an olive green. These jackets never go out of style and can fit very well in any casual situation.

9. Men’s Dress Overcoat

The men’s overcoat has been a staple for many years that a lot of men seem to pass on today.

Older Men in Overcoats

The overcoat was invented in the late 18th century. At this time they were often worn as formalwear and would represent a social status. At this time, mostly wealthy men wore overcoats.

With the use of trench coats in WWI, the overcoat became very popular again.

Men in the Army wore single-breasted overcoats and men in the Navy wore double-breasted ones.

In the 70s, the counterculture movement adopted the overcoat.

By the 80s, the overcoat has become popular again and became a staple for many elites worn over power suits while playing the stock market game.

Today, the overcoat is a classic that is both versatile and stylish. Every man who owns a suit should own an overcoat. This can be your go to jacket when you have to wear a suit but it is still cold outside.

It is important to nail the fit and material so that you feel and look your best in an overcoat.

With material, cashmere is the softest material you can get but will cost the most. Wool is the most durable and long-lasting fabric but an overcoat made with 100% wool can weight at the least 4 pounds (1.81 kg). A wool cashmere blend is the best option for comfort and quality.

When you are fitted for an overcoat, be sure to wear a suit jacket and dress shirt. This will ensure it will not be too snug. Just like with suit buttons, you never want the overcoat to be pulling or seeing a dreaded “X-wrinkle.”

10. Moleskin Trousers

Stemming from fustian like corduroy, moleskin trousers are another practical menswear choice for the fall.

moleskin fabric

A close-up look at moleskin fabric.

Moleskin is a heavy cotton fabric produced with a strong cotton warp densely woven in a twill weave. Similar to suede, moleskin is brushed which creates a soft feel.

Because of this weave design, moleskin is incredibly breathable while still warm enough to wear when the temperature drops. It is exquisitely soft and comfortable and a great option for making an impression in a casual setting.

Moleskin can come in jackets and vests but I would start easy with a pair of trousers. Like corduroy, there is an added layer of the texture that is luxurious and brings people in when they look at it.

You can also dress up moleskin trouser by pairing them with a jacket or even just a tucked in collared shirt.


10 PRACTICAL Fall Pieces – Summary

There you have my 10 practical men's fall clothing pieces that 99% of men don't own but should!

Now you've got a ton of new men's fall clothing ideas to utilize in your wardrobe.

What do you want to learn next? Maybe how to shave just like James Bond?

Click here to check out the 007 Ways to Shave Like James Bond or check out more articles down below.

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