DMT Beauty Transformation: Crash Course: 4 Rules for Mastering Layering
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Crash Course: 4 Rules for Mastering Layering

October 02, 2020BruceDayne

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Colder weather means bidding beach days and barbeques farewell. It means trading your mower for a rake and your night stargazing for days at the pumpkin patch. But, maybe most exciting for us, is breaking out layers.

If you’re like most guys, you’re probably used to sporting one, maybe two, layers. Shirt and jeans. Maybe a henley and chinos. If it’s really cold, maybe you’ll toss on a jacket too. When done right, layering means you’ll be looking your best while also leaving flexibility in case the weather takes a turn.

This Fall, try following our four steps to layering success.

  1. Thinner fabrics and patterns go on first
  2. Darker colors go on the outside
  3. No more than three visible layers
  4. Each layer should work on its own

Not all of these are hard and fast rules of course. A dark Quilted Vest can definitely work under a light field jacket as can a solid henley under an Everyday Flannel. Experimenting with what you find makes you look and feel best is ultimately key, but by following these 4 rules you will never be caught off guard.



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