DMT Beauty Transformation: 6 Things To Do If You’re Alone This Holiday
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6 Things To Do If You’re Alone This Holiday

November 09, 2020BruceDayne

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We are entering un-chartered territory.

Due to Covid-19, a lot of people are not able to be with their loved ones this year and are having to spend the holidays unlike any other  – alone.

Don’t panic.

When I took an Instagram poll recently asking for blog post requests, I received a large amount of people asking what to do this year if they were spending the holidays alone. Listen, I would be lying if I said I am in your same shoes. I’ll be with Grant and June {not sure what we’re doing yet} but I do feel for you, which is why I did a lot of research and wanted to put this post together for those of you who will be solo. The very last thing I want for any of you {yes, you} is to feel lonely this holiday season.

Please remember that you are not alone even though you physically feel alone. The world is going through this together.

Here are a few tips that I hope you will find helpful!

Plan, Plan, Plan

Even if you have no plans, make a plan. There’s nothing worse than waking up on Christmas morning to an empty home with empty plans. Even if it means making your own 4-course breakfast, talking a walk to a nearby park or volunteering – just do something! Make a list, check it twice and even make an itemized agenda for the day:

8am: Wake up and cook huge breakfast

10am: FaceTime family

1pm: Watch “Elf” in bed wearing pajamas

3:30pm: Star to prep dinner

4pm: Have a good cry {it’s ok to let it out}

5pm: Open a really nice bottle of red wine etc, etc, etc…

You Do You

This is the best day possible that you can fully treat yourself to doing anything and everything just for: YOU! Have a spa day at home, take a mini road-trip and check into a hotel if you can. Spend time reading, reflecting, relaxing and being selfish.

Reach Out

A lot of people are going to be on lock down this holiday so be proactive in reaching out to friend’s to see what their plans are. Map out a “Friendsgiving” even if it isn’t on the exact Thanksgiving holiday or host a White Elephant Gift exchange.

Stop Creating Drama

And by drama, I mean stop putting “the holidays” up on some sort of pedestal like they’re supposed to be this amazingly perfect, beautiful time of the year. I am saying this with my tough love Jacey tone. Yes, the holidays are a wonderful time to connect with family but that doesn’t mean they HAVE to be just about that. There’s this idea that the holidays are supposed to be perfect and when they aren’t we immediately turn inwards and ask “what’s wrong with me?” If you really break it down, November and December are just months on a calendar. Try your best not to mythicize it all.

Just Get Through the Day

Does it suck? Yes. Just try your best to get through it and remember that it’s just another day. Time marches on and I promise you {I guarantee you} that your pain and grief over missing the holidays with your loved ones will not last forever.


If you can, try to find a soup kitchen or charitable organization that is accepting volunteers this holiday season. This will take some proactive advanced planning due to Covid restrictions but the work will be worth it.

Sending you all of my love and smiles this year. I know it’s a rough one. 

How are you getting through?




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