DMT Beauty Transformation: Here’s How To Pull Off A Gourmet-Looking Holiday Dinner When You’re On A Budget
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Here’s How To Pull Off A Gourmet-Looking Holiday Dinner When You’re On A Budget

November 20, 2020BruceDayne

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Cooking a holiday meal when you’re on a budget can be daunting, if not totally intimidating. How are you supposed to make one of the most lavish meals of the year without blowing through your entire paycheck — or committing to a strict diet of instant ramen for all of January? 

Thankfully, there are a number of wallet-friendly items you can easily grab up at Walmart, while still pulling off a gourmet-looking meal. To prove it, we’ve partnered with Campbell's® to curate 8 holiday dinner essentials you can get without overspending, so you can spend more time with loved ones (whether over Zoom or safely in person), and less time calculating what’s in your cart. 

Frozen Fillo Dough
Pre-made appetizers, even from the freezer section, can be expensive, so spend a few extra minutes making them yourself, with the help of some pre-made fillo dough. Brush each sheet with olive oil or melted butter and layer with veggies, fruits, or cheese for a fancy-feeling hors d'oeuvres that keeps your wallet full.

Apollo Plastics Apollo Fillo Dough #7, 1lb, $, available at Walmart
Serving Platter
Whether you’re serving family style or just doing a small meal this year, having a serving platter full of warm, luscious homemade food really amps up the production. Pick a basic pattern, or something white and plain, so that you can use it for many holiday and celebratory meals to come, any time of year. 

World Kitchen Corelle Classic 12.25" Winter Frost White Serving Platter, $, available at Walmart
Campbell’s® Soups
Made from quality ingredients, like farm-fresh tomatoes and tender chicken with no antibiotics, Campbell’s® soups are key for easy dinner solutions that are delicious and ready in minutes. Stock up on Cream of Mushroom soup for Green Bean Casserole, Cream of Chicken to throw together a quick leftover-turkey pot pie, and tomato soup for dipping gooey grilled cheeses. 

Campbell's Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup, 10.5 oz. Can, $, available at Walmart
Cloth Napkins
A folded paper towel to wipe the extra gravy off your face just doesn’t cut it for a special occasion. Luckily, reusable cloth napkins are super inexpensive and better for the environment. They can be laundered infinitely and upgrade your holiday tablescape for just a few bucks. 

Balsa Circle BalsaCircle 5 pcs 17 inch Polyester Fabric Napkins, $, available at Walmart
Pie Crust
Nothing says holiday like a festive pie, and having a few pre-made crusts on hand can have you ready to whip up a dessert — or even a savory, leftover-packed quiche — in no time. Try Diamond of California’s walnut crust, a gluten-free, protein-packed alternative to traditional pie crusts, which works well with truly any filling. 

Diamond of California Diamond of California Walnut Pie Crust, 6 oz, $, available at Walmart
Apple Cider
The ideal drink in the colder months, a bottle of fresh-pressed apple cider can go a long way at holiday dinner. Start off the night with apple cider spritzers, using seltzer to stretch out your cider, followed by an apple cider cocktail or mocktail on the rocks, and a warm, mulled cider served with dessert. With a drink this versatile, you’ll be able to stick to your budget without getting bored. 

Great Value Great Value 100% Fresh-Pressed Spiced Apple Cider, $, available at Walmart
Nonstick Baking Sheet 
You can never have too many baking sheets, especially when preparing a holiday dinner. Useful for prep work and baking everything from appetizers to roasted meats to desserts, a clean, shiny baking sheet will be your best friend when it comes to holiday cooking. Bonus: You can even use it as a serving dish, cheese board, mezze plate, or a dessert platter. 

Tasty Tasty Large Non-Stick Cookie Sheet Baking Pan, 17"x11", $, available at Walmart
Corn Muffin Mix 
There’s nothing like a bread basket to start off a special meal, and your holiday feast should be no exception. Before you go yeast-hunting and fermenting sourdough starters, skip a few steps and whisk up a batch of cornbread straight from the box. Serve it warm with butter or honey and impress yourself — and any guests — with your culinary prowess for under $1.

Jiffy Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix, 8.5 Oz., $, available at Walmart
Flaky sea salt
No matter what’s on the menu, it needs to be properly seasoned. And if you splurge a little on your salt, the essential in any dish, you’ll reap flavorful rewards on top of everything from roast poultry to fresh baked cookies. Chef it up and go for a flaky sea salt that tastes as elegant as it looks. A little goes a long way too, so the few extra bucks you’re shelling out will last for a long time.

Maldon Maldon Sea Salt Flakes, 8.5 Oz, $, available at Walmart
Cookie mix
Baking can be a major undertaking, especially if you’re in charge of the big holiday meal. Save yourself a few steps and buy some ready-to-mix cookie mix, which can be baked at any time to fill your home with the cozy scent of fresh cookies, and served to guests at your leisure.

Great Value Great Value Holiday Gingerbread Cookie Mix, 14 oz, $, available at Walmart
Mixed Nuts 
Before the meal is ready, it’s likely you’ll want something to nibble on. And peckish guests don’t make great conversations, so satisfy everyone with individual servings of mixed nuts. Heat them in the oven at 200 degrees about 10 minutes before doling them out, for a cozy snack that seems elegant but costs only pennies per serving.

Great Value Great Value Roasted & Salted Mixed Nuts, 26 oz, $, available at Walmart

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