DMT Beauty Transformation: The Four Seasons Total Landscaping Memes Are Keeping Us Alive Right Now
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The Four Seasons Total Landscaping Memes Are Keeping Us Alive Right Now

November 09, 2020BruceDayne

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PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA – NOVEMBER 07: Attorney for the President, Rudy Giuliani speaks to the media at a press conference held in the back parking lot of landscaping company on November 7, 2020 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The press conference took place just minutes after news networks announced that Joe Biden had won the presidency over Donald Trump after it was projected that he had won the state of Pennsylvania. (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

Since Election Day we have been lucky enough to be peppered with amazing memes; from Gritty to Michigan, every kind of meme has had its moment in the sun. Shortly after the media projected Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 presidential race, however, the Trump administration unintentionally gave the internet its best meme yet: Four Seasons Total Landscaping. 

Unless you’re a Philadelphia local with gardening needs, you likely only just heard of Four Seasons Total Landscaping this weekend. But the rest of us learned about the company amidst our celebration of Trump’s defeat, when the president announced his team was holding a press conference at the Four Seasons in Philadelphia. In fact, the president was mistaken and there would be nothing at the stately luxury hotel. Rather, the campaign would be holding a press conference in the parking lot of Four Seasons Total Landscaping, a local business with a similar but very much distinguishable name. The result was a divinely laughable and ridiculous affair that saw Rudy Giuliani baselessly claiming voter fraud (with the help of a convicted sex offender, no less), all in a gravel parking lot under an unusually cruel November sun.

Though people were at first joking that Giuliani must have confused the two venues, sources confirm that the campaign fully intended to appear at the local landscaping firm all along, Trump caused some confusion by tweeting that it would be at the City Center hotel, only to delete his tweet and publish a new one with the amended information. This cross-communication can’t be anything less than what the meatier vs. meteor meme predicted. 

We’re grateful for the confusion, as it led to some very amusing memes, but even without the hotel mix-up, Four Seasons Total Landscaping’s neighboring sex shop and crematorium would have already made for a set of jokes designed to send us over the edge — some might even say the adjoining businesses are the perfect picture of Trump’s range.

So while there’s usually very little to laugh at when it comes to this president and administration — it’s just too dark to be truly funny — Four Seasons Total Landscaping gave us all that release. Just in time to say goodbye to Trump forever.

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