DMT Beauty Transformation: Your X-Rated Summer Horoscope Will Inspire You To Try New Things
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Your X-Rated Summer Horoscope Will Inspire You To Try New Things

June 21, 2022BruceDayne

The summer of 2022 brings a rare connection between rebel planet Uranus and the North Node of Destiny on July 31. Although this is the time they exactly unite, the effects have been underway since January and will be felt for years to come. Uranus and the North Node link up every 15 years, but this is the first time in centuries and the next time won't be until 2357. 

The years Uranus traveled through Taurus was back in 1934-1941. The revolutionary planet breezes through each zodiac sign in approximately seven years, taking 84 years to make its way through the whole zodiac. It entered Taurus in 2018, where it currently resides and will until 2026 (after several movements forward and backwards through Taurus and the early degrees of Gemini). 

When Uranus is in Taurus, it brings abrupt change to Venusian sentiments (because Venus is the planetary ruler of Taurus). One of the ways it’ll affect us the most is through our sexual exploration. This will be a time in which we will want to experiment or try out our secret kinks and really make them a part of our repertoire. 

How does the North Node of Destiny in Taurus play into this sensual vibe? Well, the North Node in Taurus (it was last in this sign from 2003-2004, as it takes 18-19 years for a nodal return to occur) urges us to embrace and lean into our sensual side and desires by incorporating the hedonistic attributes of Taurus and the scintillating proneness of Scorpio (where the South Node of Destiny lies). Being that one must compensate both nodal energies together, while moving in a new direction, it’s important to incorporate past Scorpio energies and present Taurus indulgences together, with a focus on the progress and novelty of Venusian pleasures. 

The alliance between the North Node of Destiny and Uranus in Taurus will upgrade everyone’s sex drive, kinks, and desires. It’s time to say goodbye to the basics and start a whole new exciting journey that allows us to turn the heat up by leaning into what truly turns us on. “Great Awakener” Uranus is shifting our mindsets and loins by allowing us change, while the North Node is helping us be the most unique and exciting versions of ourselves. It won’t feel like upheaval if we know what our zodiac sign prefers and wants sexually. The moment to go beyond our desires is now. It’s time for sexual liberation and freedom. Read about how your zodiac sign will enjoy the summer of consensual sexual transformation below.


Aries like to be dominated in bed and dictate the terms in which they hook up. The caveat is that Aries are focused on attaining peak orgasms and pleasuring themselves, that they forget how important it is to share the joy and spread the love with their partner. Orgasm control through the act of karezza gives them a chance to focus on forging an emotional bond through touch and intimacy instead of shooting their shot super fast. Aries will learn to take their time in arousal and slow down their love making — instead of rushing through it all to experience pleasure fast. Now, Aries can be able to become the best sexual partners because they’ll be focused on their partner — not just themselves.


The Bull sometimes is fully unable to embrace their desire to dominate their partner during intercourse the majority of the time. Hence, the innate need for Taurus to bust out the ball gags, sex toys, bondage, ropes, nipple clamps, and other bondage in the upcoming months. Instead of repressing their passionate sensual nature, Taurus will discuss their turn-ons with their partner in an effort to let them know what truly gets their blood pumping. The cosmic energy of this summer gives Taurus the strength to take charge in the boudoir without second guessing their inclinations and preferences while feeling themselves become alive with pleasure in their bodies.


Sensory sex starts with gentle communication from a lover and then escalates as a way to bring all the senses into the act of intercourse. The reason why it’ll work for Gemini is because the chatty air sign doesn’t give enough energy to sight, smell, touch, and taste. By adding these to their sexual regime, Gemini can step out of their comfort zone of conversing and listening by teasing their partner with feathers, enjoying their taste with flavored lubes, wearing lingerie to arouse them visually, and spraying intoxicating aromas or using flowers to excite their noses. They can even do all five by taking a warm bubble bath with flowers together with soft tunes playing in the background — intimate R-rated massage totally included.


Since Cancer is a water sign, it’s only natural that they will enjoy getting wet while having sex. This summer, they may want to take their desire for water sports and lubrication to the next level. Instead of partaking in basic shower or bath sex solo or with company that can lack intimacy, Cancer will take their turn-ons to new heights. Hooking up in a pool, ocean, shore, or boat will prove to get their bodies worked up to a state of arousal.


We all know Leos love dramatic love making. Instead of inserting extravagant performances into their sexual moves, they’ll opt to mix the vibe up this summer by aiming for a stimulating stage to hook up with. After all, the ambience and set design is just as important as the act when it comes to how this creative zodiac sign gets down. Book a room at a chic, romantic, and trendy hotel a few miles out of town. Plan for an indulgent meetup at a luxurious hotel will make your Leo partner. They’ll purr at the very thought of being wrapped up in satin sheets while sipping champagne and roar in glee in appreciation of every touch. Don’t worry, the sexual theatrics are sure to follow.


The Mercurial sign Virgo is sensitive and lustful for verbal communication, which is why they’ll be eager to try auralism because it creates a magnetic sexual energy through noise. Sounds, music, talking, whispers, and ASMR while hooking up will turn Virgo on — they’ll give this exciting kink a go solo or with company this summer. Virgo will be able to take their earthy sensations to the next level by experiencing chills and thrills throughout their loins when hearing certain sounds in their ears — even wind, breathing, and music can do the trick. Virgo will also be inclined to try this out in a nonsexual environment for fun, as it’ll radiate tingles in their body and make them feel good.


The buttocks is the body part associated with the air sign Libra because it lends balance to their stature. Being that Libra like light caresses and touches above this erogenous zone, they will want to level up the sexual connection with others by adding impact play into their repertoire. Since Libras often submit control and like to be dominated, it’ll prove to be their deepest fantasy to give this activity a whirl with blindfolds in order to surrender to another. As long as there is a mutual understanding and comfort level with their partner, by way of a safe word and comprehension of sexual boundaries — then a light paddling and spanking will send Libra into ecstasy this summer and beyond by elevating their sensual sensations.


In a major plot twist, this passionate skirt-hiking, pants-dropping sexual renegade is trying out a simpler approach to sex, which completely juxtaposes their notorious kinky nature. While they prefer to experiment on any given day with their partner, Scorpio is opting for a downplay in their sexual repertoire that is outside-the-box due for their current low key prowess. That’s right! Instead of trying out different positions in any given way, Scorpio is opting to hook up in the most basic (even that will have its moments of intense playfulness and bashful kinky sentiments) styles imaginable: missionary or cowgirl. If you’re lucky, they’ll take out the handcuffs and let you try them on for size and leave you tied up for a few hours.


The thrill of being caught hooking up in a public place will add just enough spice to adventurous Sagittarius’s sexual desires. If they’re wanting to fully embrace their mouth watering fiery desires, then adding a dash of danger to the mix is the right ingredient to satisfy their palate. While we’re not encouraging hooking up anywhere that doesn’t feel safe, the thrill seeking archer may opt for the elevator without pressing the stop button or joining the “Mile High Club” on an airplane. Going the extra distance to satisfy their desires sets Sagittarius apart from others because they’ll totally indulge in the sexual decadence. Sag will go to these “sextremes” for the fun of it and to brag about their sexual encounters to future lovers.


Although Capricorns are often looking for commitment and are known traditionalists (their planetary ruler is Saturn, who pledges devotion to others), they’re opting to play the field and relish in the single life. This could entail several (safe!!) one-night-stands or a FWB arrangement that’s super casual. If Capricorn decides to invest their energy in a partnership, they will step out of their comfort zone and try polyamory or an open relationship. The sea-goat won’t just want to keep their bed warm for only one other — there may be room for two or more people including themselves this summer. After all, the more the merrier! As long as they play hard like Capricorn, the sea-goat will want to keep their sheets warm for these unique bedfellows.


Are you low-key crushing on someone? Then, maybe it’s time for you to make the first move and ask them out. A hot make-out sesh can go a long way with the person you adore, as you are wanting to try a new tactic in your lovemaking. Instead of having cold, controlled, and freaky sex — you are longing to get intimate. This means having intense moments of lip-smacking passion with your partner instead of giving them little pecks. If you’re exploring your body solo, then connect with all the parts of yourself on a deep level. There should be no part of yourself unexplored and loved by you as the summer moves forward. Make the summer the dawning of Aquarius.


Being that Pisces rules the feet, the water sign will find solace knowing that their favorite body part are being tickled by their sexual partner. Being that these fishies are wanting to take their fetish to the next level, Pisces will opt to use their feet as their sexual weapon. For a more chill sexual experience, Pisces will settle for a pedicure, foot massage, and photographing their feet in different positions. Having their feet worshipped won’t bother Pieces, especially since they’re being caressed, kissed, and tenderly touched. TLC and gentleness is key for the sensitive and sweet fish.

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