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Hottest TikTok Trends Right Now!

November 30, 2022BruceDayne

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga

Stay up to date with the newest and most popular trends on TikTok right now. Take an inside look at what’s trending in Australia and around the world, from breakout songs, creators, hashtags and videos!

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3 Trending and Breakout Songs / Sounds in Australia on TikTok

Just dance (Lady Gaga) – IRON GAINS

Just Dance (Lady Gaga)

This sped up version of Lady Gaga’s hit song ‘Just Dance’ is currently trending thanks to one of the latest popular dances circulating TikTok – choreographed by Also taking part, is one of Australia’s top TikTok creators, @thexhan.

Big Jet Plane – Angus & Julia Stone

Big Jet Plane

The Australian Indie/Pop sibling duo’s 2009 song has caught the attention of singer @PostMalone who wants to sample the song and @angusandjuliastone love the idea.

Kute & Neat – Sasique

Kute & Neat

The perfect song by Sasique to shamelessly take selfies to.

3 Popular TikTok Videos right now:

@mikeyp357 – 7.3M Likes 

Mikey came to work to find that one of his traffic cones on site had been painted to look like Patrick Star from Spongebob Squarepants. The next day, another had been painted as Spongebob himself, then Sandy and Squidward also made an appearance. The cone artist, @amandacstone posted her version of events on her TikTok profile too, receiving millions of likes and views. 

@kaelimaee – 9.2M Likes

An ASMR ice cube video that’s so satisfying it’s been viewed over 63.3 million times.

@sallykim7_ – 9M Likes

A puppy video sweet enough to make your day.

3 Creators we’re loving:

Yasmin Brisbane – @YasminBrisbane | 460.4K Followers

Yasmin Brisbane

Yasmine gives her followers a glimpse into life on an Australian camel farm, including cute content of baby camels you didn’t know you needed.

Sid Hewison – | 1.2M Followers

Sid's Ventures

Sid is a tour guide who shares content from his adventures around Australia, along with his passion for the natural world and knowledge of First Nations cultures with his followers.

Jimmy Jan – @jimmyjan | 654.2K Followers


Jimmy is a med student and disability rights activist who shares his journey as he adapts to life following becoming paralysed due to a skiing accident. He is widely admired for his positive nature, humour, and inspiring content.

3 Trending Hashtags in Australia:

#tgif – 2.2B views

Who doesn’t love Fridays? This month, a trend taking off shows creators, such as @KatStickler, sharing the lyrics to popular Katy Perry song, ‘Last Friday Night’, to loved ones such as mothers and grandmothers. It looks like a story from a wild Friday night: and the reactions are gold!

#musicforasushirestaurant – 188.1M views

Harry Styles recently released the music video for his song ‘Music for a sushi restaurant’ – fans are having mixed reactions.

#mw2 – 6.1B views

The recent release of the new game ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II’ has resulted in a huge amount of videos from the gaming community on TikTok showing their reactions to the new game and their tips on how to progress.

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