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MARKED | Ashley Irons

February 06, 2023BruceDayne

Today we welcome Ashley Irons, worship leader, speaker, and CEO of The Ironsharp Agency. We talk about her time on the road singing with Anthony Evans with the Going Beyond Conference and how women, in the secular workplace, still use their gifts and talents for the glory of God. Enjoy!

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Ashley Irons is the founder and CEO of The Ironsharp Agency, and in her spare time, a
professional singer, having participated in projects for Tori Kelly, Anthony Evans, Mariah
Carey and more. She is also a worship leader, speaker, and a former co-host of the We
Talk Different podcast. Ashley enjoys working on initiatives rooted in anti-white
supremacy and anti-racism. She is a coach for Dallas Truth Racial Healing and
Transformation and has partnered in plenty of works dedicated to curating safe spaces
exclusively for Black Women. Her life’s and goal is rooted in a commitment to actualize
a world where race and/or other social systems and constructs that place the value of a
human life, a people group, or culture within a hierarchical system aren’t determinants
for human rights and/or flourishing.

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