DMT Beauty Transformation: The 5 Top Men’s Jewelry Designers
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The 5 Top Men’s Jewelry Designers

October 09, 2019DMT.NEWS

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Looking for the perfect jewelry that you can gift to your husband, boyfriend, or your friend? Nowadays guys are getting more & more into jewelry, and you can see them wear some key & staple pieces daily. Maybe you are on a lookout for some key pieces for yourself & your personal collection? If so, we have the top 5 men’s jewelry brands which will pique your interest! Keep on reading and find your perfect match.

 1. Marcos De Andrade

About The Brand

Marcos has an eye for details and is the rising talent in men’s jewelry production. He has found his passion for jewelry in everyday key pieces & from studying men’s behavior during his years as a lifestyle blogger. He noticed that men prefer elegant and masculine pieces that can easily grab someone’s attention. This is why he specialized and created a site only for men’s jewelry.

After visiting Italy in 2012 he pursued his dream in starting a blog and creating jewelry. Italy inspired him to that point that in 2013 in California he started his blog which was all about men’s shaving, grooming & fashion.

Top 3 Must-Have Pieces From This Brand

Arrow Cuff Bracelet With 18K Gold

The 5 Top Men's Jewelry Designers : Fashion |

If you prefer to wear bracelets, this one is a cuff bracelet with 18K gold. It has a hinge opening and is on a sale at the moment, which is one more reason for you to get it. You can choose between a medium and a large size. This bracelet may be ideal for your everyday wear since it is so casually beautiful.

Athena Noctua Ring

The 5 Top Men's Jewelry Designers : Fashion |
If you are someone who likes rings know that this one is covered in jet black Swarovski crystals. On top of the ring there is a carved Athenian owl as well as a small leaf detail. Men who love staple pieces will love this one in their collection.

Ancient Shield Necklace

The 5 Top Men's Jewelry Designers : Fashion |

If you prefer ancient & timeless pieces (and you are that type of a guy who loves to wear necklaces) you will want this pendant in your collection. It is made out of sterling silver and has a large 20-inch chain. The piece itself reminds of some forgotten times and is a must-have for night outs.

  1. David Yurman

About The Brand

David Yurman is a brand that creates jewelry pieces for both men & women. The company was founded in New York City and is an interesting luxury choice New Yorkers, as well as Americans.

The company was founded by David, a sculptor, as well as his wife Sybil who’s a painter. Therefore these two are always creating & building art throughout their different visions & love for designing pieces, as well as jewelry.

In 2003 even their son joined the company. He was good at drawing and finding inspiration in many different textures & antiques. Nowadays these three make a fantastic trio when it comes to jewelry creation.

Top 3 Must-Have Pieces From This Brand

Medium Box Chain Bracelet

The 5 Top Men's Jewelry Designers : Fashion |

If you are someone who prefers smaller & petite bracelets, you will love this chain one. It comes in a silver color & is perfect for formal night-outs & events. It also suits both younger & older men.

Classic Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch

The 5 Top Men's Jewelry Designers : Fashion |

If you more-so of a watch guy you will need this luxury item in your collection. It has swiss automatic chronograph Dubois-Depraz movement and is made out of dark Walnut matte alligator strap. It is very masculine & it screams for attention.

Beveled Band In Black Titanium

The 5 Top Men's Jewelry Designers : Fashion |

Rings that are monochrome and that have no specific details all over can suit some formal & fancy events. This item has been made with black titanium and it is very sleek. However, you shouldn’t wash it with chemicals since it is sensitive, therefore make sure you have a mind of ”steel” when wearing it.

  1. John Hardy 

About The Brand

John Hardy is another jewelry brand that creates pieces for both men & women. This brand has been around since 1975 and has been established in Bali! This brand focuses on bringing you artisan handcrafted jewelry.

John Hardy was actually a Canadian who found his inspiration after visiting Bali. You can find his official stores nowadays in New York, Bali, Las Vegas, Nevada, Los Angeles, Hong Kong & many many more places.

All of his pieces are elegant, formal yet with a hint of Bali & their traditional vibes + craftmanship.

Top 3 Must-Have Pieces From This Brand

Classic Chain Bracelet

The 5 Top Men's Jewelry Designers : Fashion |
If you need a timeless piece reminiscent of Bali you will love this bracelet. It is made out of sterling silver along with black rhodium plating. This piece should be worn for everyday activities, and it may look the best with other black pieces.

Eagle Wing Necklace

The 5 Top Men's Jewelry Designers : Fashion |

If you are a fan of Eagles, you will need this necklace in your life! This piece has a feather hanging down the chain and it represents freedom. It is made out of sterling silver, black spinel and lava black sapphire. It is very sturdy and heavy for a chain; therefore it may be your best night-out choice.

Classic Chain Band Ring

The 5 Top Men's Jewelry Designers : Fashion |
This ring is made with reclaimed metals and is a symbol of connection & love, this is why it is often seen on Indonesian people. It has the 18k Yellow Gold and is very sturdy. This ring could also serve as an amazing wedding band because of its effortless style.

  1. Stephen Webster

About The Brand

Stephen Webster is a London-based jewelry brand that people worldwide know because of his edgy designs. The brand has been around for over 40 years and has been founded by Stephen Webster himself.

Stephen loves to take inspiration from music, fashion, literature & art to create a glamorous collection for his clients. He always loved traditional yet iconic pieces and has always focused on bringing diversity to his brand.

He has jewelry for men & women, while his brand is excellent and more catered toward different & unique men pieces.

Top 3 Must-Have Pieces From This Brand

New Cross Pendant

The 5 Top Men's Jewelry Designers : Fashion |
Men who want to wear a cross design will love this necklace. You will love the18K yellow gold with black diamonds and the fact that it is such a staple piece, perfect for everyday wear. The necklace is very shimmery & attention-seeking, and masculine & unique.

Flipside Initial Ring

The 5 Top Men's Jewelry Designers : Fashion |
You can engrave your ring with your preferred letter of the alphabet. This 18k yellow gold ring features a spinning coin and is a versatile piece that you can wear on your preferred finger.

England Made Me Cuban Ceramic Large Bracelet

The 5 Top Men's Jewelry Designers : Fashion |
If you love indigo colors you will love this one. It is not too heavy or flashy since it is made out of ceramic + it is the perfect everyday piece. It is 18mm long and you can purchase it in 2 other colors.

  1. Luis Morais

About The Brand

Luis Morais is a brand that focuses on beautiful & timeless jewelry pieces for men. The brand opened up its first store in 2002 in Miami Beach.

The whole inspiration of Luis opening up his brand began after he couldn’t locate a specific bracelet to purchase which he spotted in a magazine. After that, he created his own DIY version.

The brand is constantly evolving while their priorities are white gold, yellow gold, diamonds, and gems & crocodile skin – some rarest and most expensive elements since they want only the best of the best for their clients.

Top 3 Must-Have Pieces From This Brand

Skull Shark Gold Ring

The 5 Top Men's Jewelry Designers : Fashion |

 Are you a fan of skulls & sharks? If so, this ring will speak to you. It is very fierce & bold, perfect for formal events. Because of its hefty price tag you shouldn’t be wearing it for some simple & casual events. Also, make sure you get the right size since you don’t want it to slip off.

Duality & Justice Number 11 Bracelet

The 5 Top Men's Jewelry Designers : Fashion |
Something simple yet still appropriate for everyday wear is this thin & lightweight bracelet. It is made out of 14K rose gold and will suit guys who prefer minimalistic jewelry the best.

14K Gold And Crystal Pendant Necklace

The 5 Top Men's Jewelry Designers : Fashion |

Last, but not least, you can invest in this crystal pendant necklace. It is a handcrafted 14 karat 24-inch yellow gold necklace that has a long & beautiful crystal pendant. Perfect for men who love simple jewelry.

Ready To Make Your Decision?

Are you ready to commit to one jewelry item in particular? Which one piece is your favorite? We have reviewed the best 15 pieces that every guy should have, or at least consider purchasing. Make sure you let us know what piece is your favorite by leaving a comment down below.

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