DMT Beauty Transformation: This New Google Tool Is Basically A Free Travel Agent
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This New Google Tool Is Basically A Free Travel Agent

January 08, 2020DMT Beauty

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We were already pretty sure already Google knew everything about us, but this proves it. For the post-holiday travel-minded with sights set on a trip South Korea or for those daydreaming of Denmark now that the holidays are over, Google just made booking your flights – and pretty much your entire trip – way easier.

Meet your new favorite, and pretty much all-expense paid travel agent, Google Trips Combined with hotel booking features, Google Flights, along with Trips, Hotels, and Packages, are all featuring new and simplified tools to enhance the process of finding the cheapest trips online.

Not only does it help you find the cheapest flight, recently-added tools include a “when to visit” tab that shows users the weather and how ticket prices vary throughout the year. Additionally, it has a “what you’ll pay” tab that gives you an idea of whether the prices you’re seeing are low, typical, or high for the days you’re thinking about booking your trip. In short, Google Trips is not only making booking travel way easier, it is also making us feel more confident in knowing that we booked at the right time.

They’ve also personalized results, too. For users who stayed somewhere before or searched for places to stay, restaurants, or activities in a specific area repeatedly, the site can show you nearby options based on those previous search queries.

This extends to hotel searches similar to ones that you’ve already stayed at in other cities so it can match your price range and preferences. Essentially, this new feature is the luxury travel agent of our dreams. And most importantly, it’s free.

Unlike competitors though, the best part of these new tools is that Google lets you resume planning a trip over time. For those of us who like to daydream a bit (or a lot) before we book, this is a game-changer. You can find everything from recent searches to all the sights you’ve saved on maps imagining the day you finally book that ticket to London, without any need to delve into your browser history. This tool is definitely the 2020 travel game changer.

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