DMT Beauty Transformation: 105 Quick Ice Breakers – Spark fun and engaging conversations.
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105 Quick Ice Breakers – Spark fun and engaging conversations.

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Need some quick ice breakers perfect for all seasons and reasons?

If you still have bruises from kicking yourself the last time a conversation with a fine-as-wine damsel went south, this is for you. We get it… it can be hair-pullingly frustrating when a conversation doesn’t pun out the way it played out in your mind. Maybe they felt awkward or you just didn’t create the right atmosphere for a fun and compelling conversation.

Does this sound like you?

Ice breakers are a fun, easy way to meet new people and lighten the mood. We’ve come up with a chat-em-up cheat-sheet filled with surprising, sizzling icebreakers that’ll take you from wierdo to suave in a snap. We’ve thrown in some ridiculously fun ice breaker games and exciting things to do. during team-building, meetings, and trainings.

Pull out your notebook…


15 Best Quick Ice Breakers

quick ice breakers - Best quick ice breakers.jpeg

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The best quick ice breakers have the power to strengthen bonds, stimulate better conversations and create an atmosphere of inclusivity. But here’s the thing… it’s easier said than done. Poorly executed icebreakers can lead to awkwardness or increase social tension. Not good…

We’ve compiled a list of mouthwatering ice breakers to get your social juices flowing.

Here are the 15 best quick ice breakers:

1. Famous People/Cities

Play a guessing game where you use characteristics of famous people and cities.

2. Name Aerobics

People introduce themselves by doing an action for each syllable of their name.

3. Who Is It?

People write down something about themselves that they think people don’t know.

4. Baby photos

Everyone comes in with their photo as a baby to play guess the baby.

5. First/worst job

People try to identify each other by the first and worst jobs.

6. This is better than that

A fun spin on the classic deserted island scenario.

7. Fun and funny questions

Crack each other up by asking funny questions.

best quick ice breakers - Fun and funny questions.jpeg

via: Unsplash / Antenna

8. The One-Word Icebreaker

One word that describes X

9. Yankee Swag Swap Icebreaker

Everyone goes home with a piece of swag

10. The Foodie Icebreaker

Everyone loves talking about food.

11. The Toaster Game

Bread and a toaster can also be fun.

12. Toilet Roll Game

Perfect game for greasing the social wheels.

13. 18 & Under

Share fun or interesting stories with one another

14. The M&M Game

You can’t go wrong with candy.

15. What’s My Name?

Self-sticking name tags can be fun.

12 Quick Fun Icebreaker Games

Quick icebreaker - Quick fun icebreaker games.jpeg

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Guys… not all icebreakers are created equal. But you already know that. We have searched high and low for some ridiculously fun icebreaker games to bring some cheer to your interactions. These games are relaxed, simple, and fun. They’re great for starting anything from fun conversations to meetings. Print out this epic list of icebreakers. They’ll come in handy.

Here are 12 quick fun icebreaker games:

16. Name That Throwback

Take a trip down memory lane.

17. Best Prank Ever

Everyone will have a good laugh with this one.

18. Mash Up

They’ll keep going until they get the same word.

19. Marshmallow Challenge

Problem solving can be fun.

20. Paper Airplane Game

You’ll love this if you love making paper planes.

21. Just One Lie

A fun adaptation of two truths and a lie.

22. Unique and Shared

Help people discover what they have in common.

Quick fun icebreaker games - Unique and Shared.jpeg

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23. Passions Tic Tac Toe

Help everyone uncover their values.

24. Draw your Coat of Arms

This is perfect for a group of people who think they know each other.

25. Skill Set

Everyone shares their talent with the group.

26. What’s Your Favorite Year

Get people to know more about each other

27. Train Wreck

A fun version of musical chairs.

28. Sing-Off

It’s hilarious.

13 Quick Ice Breaker Games For Adults

quick ice breaker - quick ice breaker games for adults.jpeg

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Looking for some ice breaker games for adults? Adults are most receptive when they feel comfortable with the people around them. Whether it’s a party, a classroom, a conference, or a seminar, there are things you can do to reduce tension and encourage participation.

Get people in the mood by playing ice breaker games that are fun without being overly cheesy. This collection is great for warm-ups and introductions.

Here are 13 quick ice breaker games for adults:

29. The Five of Anything

Nothing builds bonds better than shared interests.

30. Three Shining Work Moments

Great for cohesiveness and cooperation.

31. The Toaster Game

Good things happen when there’s a toaster and some bread.

32. Paper Airplane Game

Everyone loves paper planes.

33. Would You Rather

Spark some amazing conversations.

34. Turning over a new leaf

A great problem solving activity to bring people together.

35. Toilet Paper Game

Grab a roll.

quick ice breaker games for adults - Toilet Paper Game.jpeg

via: Unsplash / Hello I’m Nik 🎞

36. Zoo Names

Pick an animal.

37. Make an appointment

A creative way to get people to know each other.

38. Who am I?

Guessing games are always fun.

39. Finish the Story

Storytelling is a great way to build bonds.

40. Open-Ended Questions

This icebreaker has a way of stirring up conversations.

41. Top 10 Lists

Exciting guessing game that’s perfect for adults

11 Quick Icebreakers For Small Groups

quick icebreakers - quick icebreakers for small groups.jpeg

via: Pexels / Jopwell

Here’s the thing… icebreakers have a way of stimulating better conversations and creating an inclusive atmosphere. This can help strengthen relationships in a small group of people. Our collection of quick icebreakers for small groups can help you get to know each other and set a strong standard of respect and collaboration. Try them out.

Here are 11 icebreakers for small groups:

42. Most unique

A variation of two truths and a lie.

43. Get-to-know-you questions

The name says it all…

44. Marshmallow challenge

A fun and engaging game.

45. Whodunit

Reveals interesting things people have done.

46. Desert Island

Perfect for the start of a meeting or training workshop.

quick icebreakers for small groups - Desert Island.jpeg

via: Pexels / Daria Shevtsova

47. If

This icebreaker game encourages talking and listening.

48. Masks

The perfect discussion starter on self-image and self- worth.

49. Flags

Help people convey what represents them.

50. Ghost Game

An exhilarating written or spoken word game.

51. What’s inside your car? – Scavenger Hunt

Everyone will love this one.

52. What Do We Have in Common?

They’ll find out the values they share.

15 Quick Icebreaker Questions For Adults

quick icebreaker - quick icebreaker questions for adults.jpeg

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Icebreakers are a great tool for encouraging people to know each other. They particularly work a treat if you’re interacting with people you just met, say at a dinner party. We have searched high and low for some quick icebreaker questions for adults that will get the conversation rolling.

Here are 15 icebreaker questions for adults:

53. Who was your childhood actor/actress crush?

Everyone has one.

54. You have your own late night talk show, who do you invite as your first guest?

Find out who they admire.

55. What’s your favorite sandwich and why?

We all love sandwiches.

56. What’s your best scary story?


57. How would you spend a million dollars? How about a billion?

If all your wishes came true…

58. If you had to delete all but three apps from your smartphone, which ones would you keep?

What do they value most?

59. If you could have an endless supply of any food, what would you get?

What’s their favorite food?

60. If they made a movie of your life, what would it be about and which actor would you want to play you?

They’ll share their values and aspirations.

61. If I could be anybody besides myself, I would be…

Who do they admire?

quick icebreaker questions for adults - If I could be anybody besides myself, I would be…jpeg

via: Pexels / fauxels

62. What favorite color are you and how does being that color make you feel?

People will learn about each other…

63. If you could choose an imaginary friend, who would you choose and why?

You’ll all have fun with this one.

64. If you could meet any historical figure, who would you choose and why?

You can’t go wrong with a bit of history.

65. Who was your favorite teacher when you were young? Why?

Nostalgia can help people relax.

66. What aspect of your personality adds the most value to the world?

What’s their strongest trait?

67. What’s your proudest accomplishment?

What are their achievements?

15 Quick Funny Icebreaker Questions

quick icebreaker - quick funny icebreaker questions.jpeg

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Nothing beats funny icebreaker questions when you want to break the monotony of an interaction. When executed the right way, these icebreakers can turn a boring conversation into a charged and fun engagement. They’ll liven things up and make people more receptive.

Here are 15 quick funny icebreaker questions:

68. How can you tell if someone is a nerd?

This will definitely melt away any awkwardness.

69. What was the funniest thing you’ve seen recently online?

Now you have tons of stuff to talk about.

70. How could carousels be spiced up so they are more exciting?

You’ll all have fun with this one.

71. What songs would be played on a loop in hell?

LOL… this should be fun.

72. If You Were to Perform in the Circus, What Would You Do?

A clown, perhaps?

73. If You Could Eliminate One Thing You Do Each Day in the Bathroom so that You Never Had to Do It Again, What Would It Be?

Everyone has that one thing.

74. If You Moved to Sesame Street, Who Would You Want as Your Neighbor? Why?

Big Bird?

quick funny icebreaker questions - If You Moved to Sesame Street, Who Would You Want as Your Neighbor? Why?.jpeg

via: Pexels / Skitterphoto

75. What animal would you want to bring with you on a journey through outer space?

Get the creative juices flowing.

76. You have an itch on your butt, inside your ear, and up your nose at the same time, which would you scratch if you would only pick one?

Everyone will be laughing at this one.

77. Starbucks called, they said you forgot your…

Everyone will have something funny to say.

78. If money was not a concern what would you do every day if you didn’t work?

If only…

79. Would you like to be invisible for a day? Why?

A lot of funny stories will come out of this one.

80. Would you rather be really hairy or bald?

Everyone has a preference.

81. Name one thing you miss about being a kid.

What’s their fondest childhood memory?

82. Who was your enemy or the bully when you were young?

It’s always funny looking back.

14 Quick Ice breakers For Large Groups

quick ice breakers - quick ice breakers for large groups.jpeg

via: Pexels / Min An

Icebreakers are perfect for encouraging group participation. They can get people interested in an event or activity. Our collection of ice breakers for large groups require no advance preparation. You can use them anywhere with and at any point of the interaction, – the beginning, the middle, or the end. These icebreakers will work for any age.

Here are 14 icebreakers for large groups:


Woof woof…


Job interview stories are bound to leave a smile on everyone’s face.

85. Defend the egg

A team-building activity that involves problem solving, collaboration, and creative teamwork.

86. Extreme Rock, Paper Scissors

An age old game that’s fun and engaging.

87. Shoe Shuffle

A little bit of fun with your shoes.

88. Slap Wrestling

Easy to get the hang of and no set up required.

89. True False Run

How fast can you run?

quick ice breakers for large groups - True False Run.jpeg

via: Pexels / Retha Ferguson

90. Good ole-fashioned sardines

Just like hide and go seek.

91. The superlative game

Line up in ascending order…

92. Fishbowl

A fun-filled memory game to get people talking.

93. Charades

“Act out” a phrase without speaking.

94. Baby, Baby

Name as many songs as possible with the word “baby” in the title or lyrics

95. Creative Name Tags

Who knew name tags could be so much fun?

10 Quick Funny Ice Breakers


via: Pexels / Helena Lopes

Meetings, blind dates, parties, and other interactions do not have to be an all work and no play affair. If you’re looking for quick funny ice breakers to liven up your next date, then you’re in luck. We’ve put together a list of funny icebreakers that will get people rolling with laughter.

Here are 10 quick funny ice breakers:

96. Spot the Difference

This fun game helps your audience sharpen their observation skills.

97. No Smiling

Perfect for creating a bit of fun and lightening the mood.

98. Exquisite Corpse

A fun drawing game for all seasons and reasons.

99. What Annoys You?

People reveal the personality trait that infuriates them most.

quick funny ice breakers - What Annoys You?

via: Pexels / Fox

100. Find 10 things in common

One of the best icebreaker for team-building at work.

101. Whodunit

A simple guessing game that is straightforward to play

102. Team Jigsaw Puzzle Game

Great game for encouraging people to work together.

103. Back to Back Drawing

A communication exercise that will get people talking, working together, and thinking about how they communicate.

104. Electric Fence Icebreaker

Simple to run, fun game focused on support, trust and problem solving.

105. Low-tech Social Network

A creative way to introduce event participants to each other.

How to pick the best quick ice breakers

quick ice breakers - How to pick the best quick ice breakers.jpeg

via: Unsplash / Brooke Cagle

Here’s a fun fact – most people feel awkward when they meet new people. Icebreakers can help ease then through the discomfort. But you need to pick the right icebreakers for the right moment. After all, a bad icebreaker can cause more discomfort than it cures. We have some tips on how to choose the appropriate icebreaker for every interaction.

Here is how to pick the best quick ice breakers:

1. What are the goals of the interaction?

How to pick the best quick ice breakers - What are the goals of the interaction?.jpeg

via: Pexels / Andrea Piacquadio

Determine what the goal of the interaction is. Is it a group brainstorming session? A date, perhaps? Whatever the case, you need to match the mood of the icebreaker to the meeting. Have a store of icebreaker ideas at hand in case you misjudged the mood and need to make a quick switch.

2. Who is Your Audience?

How to pick the best quick ice breakers - Who is Your Audience?.jpeg

via: Pexels / Luis Quintero

Is it a group? Are they strangers or do they know each other? Some ice breakers work best for large groups while others work best for smaller groups of less than 5 people. For very large groups you might want to split them into smaller groups.

3. What’s the Purpose if the Icebreaker?

How to pick the best quick ice breakers - What’s the Purpose if the Icebreaker?.jpeg

via: Pexels / Subham Dash

What do you intend to ease introductions, cheer people up, or get creative juices glowing? If you want to make people laugh, you can use some of the funny icebreakers we’ve listed above.

4. Materials Required

How to pick the best quick ice breakers - Materials Required

via: Pexels / Frans Van Heerden

Figure out what materials you will need for the icebreaker. For example, if you choose to play a game of paper airplane, you need to make sure you have enough paper for everyone. Before the D-day, make a list of materials you will need and and carry them with you. Be prepared to switch or improvise if you can’t get a crucial item.

5. Available Time

How to pick the best quick ice breakers - Available Time.jpeg

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Make sure to consider the time it will take to do the icebreaking. If you pick an activity that takes 5 minutes per person, it may be unsustainable for a large group. It’s always best to go with a short and punchy icebreaker if you’re not sure about the number of people you’ll be dealing with.

6. Preparation Required

How to pick the best quick ice breakers - Preparation Required.jpeg

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You might want to go for simple, straightforward icebreakers that can be explained clearly and executed with ease. Complicated icebreakers add a layer of complexity to the preparation. You’ll take longer to explain what needs to be done and they will require good facilitation skills. Whatever you go for, make sure it’s suitable for the audience and occasion.

Downloadable List of Quick Ice Breaker

Here is downloadable list of quick ice breaker (right click the image and select Save Image As…):

Quick Ice Breaker

via: Mantelligence

More Awesome Topics

Planning to go on a date armed with our collection of icebreakers? Great decision! We have more tips to make your date even more memorable.

  1. It’s easy to run out of stuff to talk about when you’re out on a date. Here are some questions to ask that will make your date fun and engaging.
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In Conclusion

It’s normal to get a bit shy and a little awkward when in unfamiliar territory. Ice breakers are meant to help people relax during one-on-one interactions and group activities. Our collection of quick ice breakers are worth their weight in gold. Give them a try to reap the reweards.

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