DMT Beauty Transformation: Holiday 2020 Gift Ideas! #HitchConcept

Holiday 2020 Gift Ideas! #HitchConcept

November 13, 2020BruceDayne

#DMTBeautySpot #beauty

by Tammy of Hitchconcept

I don’t know about you, but my holiday is going to be completely different from 2019.  Our family has been 100% on lock down with few exceptions.  So let’s say 95%. The 5% involves minimal shopping trips and a few outdoor activities with less than 5 people.  We have not been to the salon, the barbershop, the nail salon, or indoor restaurants.  We have had less than 6 people inside of our home and half of those were repair people.  So, we are probably in the minority as it relates to our COVID behavior.  You would think that would equate to saving money but actually, our spending is up 200%!  I’ve always been an online shopper, but this experience has exacerbated things! With the holidays approaching rapidly, I put together a curated shopping guide for those who are doing their best to adult, in your life! 

  1. Personal Care Products – self care is more important than ever.  With the threat of the common cold and viruses lurking outside of our window like a bitter ex-boyfriend, boosting your immune system is priority.  Beyond the normal vitamins, green foods and water intake, essential oils contribute to boosting your immune system.  Our personal care products are blended with essential oils to not only smell good but to make you feel good as well. Here's one popular blend for headaches: 4 drops lavender, 2 drops rosemary, 3 drops peppermint, 3 drops eucalyptus.
  2. Candles – raise your hand if you love candles! They not only promote calm, stillness, and focus, but they smell divine and even hold nostalgic value.  Positive memories triggered by the olfactory gland! 
  3. Gift Boxes are the best when you have something to say but don’t quite know how.  In fact, that’s our gift box slogan.  You may know the person but they may have everything, so you’ve simply run out of ideas.  Look at this like a big pot of gumbo, lots of good stuff in one big box!  They’re also good for someone who is too busy adulting but still wants the gift to be thoughtful and intentional.  Gift Boxes are also good for your clients and business associates. Maybe you’re a realtor and need a gift for your client who just closed on their new home.  Maybe you want to show your child’s teacher how much you appreciate them, especially THIS year with all of the challenges they face.\
  4. Graphic t-shirts- This may seem like an easy one, but with so many slogans, memes, and popular trends, it can be hard to pick out the perfect one for that special somebody!  At Hitch, we have so many different options to choose from, and our tshirts and sweatshirts say everything so you don't have to!   
  5. Books - The gift that keeps on giving.  We all have a little more time on our hands as of late, some of us are seeking guidance, solace or just good old fashioned entertainment.  I’m currently reading “The Power of Now” and “Slay Like A Mother”.  I am also in the middle of reading a book that I’ve read before, but just had the urge to revisit, “The Coldest Winter”.  
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